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joo.classLoader.prepare("package ext.config",/* {*/

 * Layout manager used by Ext.Toolbar. This is highly specialised for use by Toolbars and would not usually be used by any other class.
 * <p>This class serves as a
 * typed config object for constructor of class ToolbarLayout.</p>
 * <p>Copyright &#169; 2011 Sencha Inc.</p>
 * @see ext.layout.ToolbarLayout
{ExtConfig:{target:"ext.layout.ToolbarLayout", type:"toolbar"}},
"public class toolbarlayout extends ext.config.containerlayout",3,function($$private){var $1=ext.config;return[ 

  "public function toolbarlayout",function toolbarlayout(config/*:Object = null*/) {if(arguments.length<=0)config=null;


undefined];},[],["ext.config.containerlayout"], "0.8.0", "2.0.9"
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