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define("as3/flashx/textLayout/formats/FormatValue",["module","exports","as3-rt/AS3"], function($module,$exports,AS3) { AS3.compilationUnit($module,$exports,function($primaryDeclaration){/*package flashx.textLayout.formats {

 * Defines values for specifying that a formatting property is to inherit its parent's value or have it's value generated automatically. The <code>INHERIT</code> constant specifies that a property inherits its parent's value while the <code>AUTO</code> constant specifies that an internal algorithm automatically determine the property's value. As one example, you can set <code>TextLayoutFormat.columnWidth</code> using these values. Typically, a property's description indicates whether it accepts these constants.
 * @see TextLayoutFormat
 * /
public final class FormatValue {
   * Specifies that a property's value is automatically generated.
   * /
  public static const AUTO:String = "auto";
   * Specifies that a property is to inherit its parent's value.
   * /
  public static const INHERIT:String = "inherit";
}*/function FormatValue() {}/*

============================================== Jangaroo part ==============================================*/
    $primaryDeclaration(AS3.class_($module, {
      members: {constructor: FormatValue},
      staticMembers: {
        AUTO: "auto",
        INHERIT: "inherit"
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