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An interface to resolve field names. Implementation should not transform (upper case, under score, camel case, etc...) the resolved name.
 public interface FieldNameResolver
Tells whether this field name resolver will be able to resolve a name from this method.

method the method to figure out the field name for
true if resolve(java.lang.reflect.Method) will actually resolve the field name given the same method argument
    boolean accept(Method method);

Resolves the field name for the method

method the method to resolve the field name for.
the resolved field name. null is valid if no field name should be associated with this method.
java.lang.IllegalStateException if this method is called while accept(java.lang.reflect.Method) returns false
    String resolve(Method method);

Tells whether the resolved method name from resolve(java.lang.reflect.Method) allows for further transformations.

true if further transformations are allowed
    boolean transform();
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