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  * DNet eBusiness Suite
  * Project: dnet-web-core 
  * Copyright: 2010 Nan21 Electronics SRL. All rights reserved.
  * Use is subject to license terms.
 package net.nan21.dnet.core.web.settings;

Sencha-touch based user-interface settings. These properties are populated from the system properties specified in the application configuration file.

public class UiSenchaTouchSettings {

Root URL of the modules components
	private String urlModules;

Root URL of the core framework
	private String urlCore;

Root URL of the sencha-touch library
	private String urlLib;
	public String getUrlModules() {
		return ;
	public void setUrlModules(String urlModules) {
		this. = urlModules;
	public String getUrlCore() {
		return ;
	public void setUrlCore(String urlCore) {
		this. = urlCore;
	public String getUrlLib() {
		return ;
	public void setUrlLib(String urlLib) {
		this. = urlLib;
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