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The BSD License Copyright (c) 2010-2012 RIPE NCC All rights reserved. Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: - Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer. - Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution. - Neither the name of the RIPE NCC nor the names of its contributors may be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without specific prior written permission. THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED BY THE COPYRIGHT HOLDERS AND CONTRIBUTORS "AS IS" AND ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE DISCLAIMED. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE COPYRIGHT HOLDER OR CONTRIBUTORS BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, PROCUREMENT OF SUBSTITUTE GOODS OR SERVICES; LOSS OF USE, DATA, OR PROFITS; OR BUSINESS INTERRUPTION) HOWEVER CAUSED AND ON ANY THEORY OF LIABILITY, WHETHER IN CONTRACT, STRICT LIABILITY, OR TORT (INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE) ARISING IN ANY WAY OUT OF THE USE OF THIS SOFTWARE, EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE.
 package net.ripe.rpki.commons.validation;
 public final class ValidationString {
     private ValidationString() {
         //Utility classes should not have a public or default constructor.
     // generic
     public static final String OBJECTS_GENERAL_PARSING = "objects.general.parsing";
     public static final String OBJECTS_CRL_VALID = "objects.crl.valid";
     public static final String KNOWN_OBJECT_TYPE = "known.object.type";
     // Trust anchor
     public static final String TRUST_ANCHOR_PUBLIC_KEY_MATCH = "trust.anchor.public.key.match";
     //certificate (validator)
     public static final String CERT_CHAIN_LENGTH = "cert.chain.length";
     public static final String CERT_CHAIN_COMPLETE = "cert.chain.complete";
     public static final String CERT_CHAIN_CIRCULAR_REFERENCE = "cert.chain.circular.reference";
     public static final String ISSUER_IS_CA = "";
     public static final String SIGNATURE_VALID = "cert.signature";
     public static final String NOT_VALID_BEFORE = "cert.not.valid.before";
     public static final String NOT_VALID_AFTER = "cert.not.valid.after";
     public static final String RESOURCE_RANGE = "";
     public static final String PREV_SUBJECT_EQ_ISSUER = "cert.issuer.eq.prev.subject";
     public static final String KEY_USAGE_EXT_PRESENT = "cert.key.usage.extension.present";
     public static final String PUBLIC_KEY_CERT_ALGORITHM = "cert.public.key.algorithm";
     public static final String PUBLIC_KEY_CERT_SIZE = "cert.public.key.size";
     public static final String KEY_CERT_SIGN = "cert.key.cert.sign";
     public static final String CRL_SIGN = "cert.crl.sign";
     public static final String DIG_SIGN = "cert.dig.sign";
     public static final String SKI_PRESENT = "";
     public static final String AKI_PRESENT = "cert.aki.present";
     public static final String PREV_SKI_EQ_AKI = "";
     public static final String CERT_NOT_REVOKED = "cert.not.revoked";
     public static final String ROOT_IS_TA = "";
     public static final String CERT_AIA_NOT_POINTING_TO_CERT = "";
     public static final String DIFFERENT_CERTIFICATE_TYPES = "cert.types.different";
     public static final String CERTIFICATE_SIGNATURE_ALGORITHM = "cert.signature.algorithm";
     // CRL stuff
     public static final String CRL_PARSED = "crl.parsed";
     public static final String CRL_SIGNATURE_VALID = "cert.crl.signature";
     public static final String CRL_REQUIRED = "crl.required";
     public static final String CRL_NEXT_UPDATE_BEFORE_NOW = "";
     public static final String CRL_MANIFEST_VALID = "crl.manifest.valid";
     //certificate (parser)
     public static final String CERTIFICATE_PARSED = "cert.parsed";
     public static final String CRLDP_PRESENT = "cert.crldp.present";
     public static final String CRLDP_OMITTED = "cert.crldp.omitted";
     public static final String CRLDP_EXTENSION_PARSED = "cert.crldp.ext.parsed";
     public static final String CRLDP_ISSUER_OMITTED = "cert.crldp.issuer.omitted";
     public static final String CRLDP_REASONS_OMITTED = "cert.crldp.reasons.omitted";
     public static final String CRLDP_TYPE_FULL_NAME = "";
     public static final String CRLDP_NAME_IS_A_URI = "";
     public static final String CRLDP_URI_SYNTAX = "cert.crldp.uri.syntax";
     public static final String CRLDP_RSYNC_URI_PRESENT = "cert.crldp.rsync.uri.present";
     public static final String CRITICAL_EXT_PRESENT = "cert.critical.exts.present";
     public static final String POLICY_EXT_CRITICAL = "cert.policy.ext.critical";
     public static final String POLICY_EXT_VALUE = "cert.policy.ext.value";
     public static final String SINGLE_CERT_POLICY = "cert.single.cert.policy";
     public static final String POLICY_QUALIFIER = "cert.policy.qualifier.present";
     public static final String POLICY_ID_PRESENT = "";
    public static final String POLICY_ID_VERSION = "";
    public static final String POLICY_VALIDATION = "cert.policy.validation";
    public static final String RESOURCE_EXT_PRESENT = "cert.resource.ext.present";
    public static final String RESOURCE_EXT_NOT_PRESENT = "cert.resource.ext.not.present";
    public static final String AS_OR_IP_RESOURCE_PRESENT = "";
    public static final String CERT_ISSUER_CORRECT = "cert.issuer.correct";
    public static final String CERT_SUBJECT_CORRECT = "cert.subject.correct";
    //cms object
    public static final String CMS_DATA_PARSING = "";
    public static final String CMS_SIGNED_DATA_VERSION = "";
    public static final String CMS_SIGNED_DATA_DIGEST_ALGORITHM = "";
    public static final String CMS_CONTENT_TYPE = "cms.content.type";
    public static final String DECODE_CONTENT = "cms.decode.content";
    public static final String ONLY_ONE_SIGNED_OBJECT = "";
    public static final String CMS_CONTENT_PARSING = "cms.content.parsing";
    public static final String GET_CERTS_AND_CRLS = "cms.get.certs.and.crls";
    public static final String ONLY_ONE_EE_CERT_ALLOWED = "";
    public static final String CERT_IS_X509CERT = "";
    public static final String CERT_IS_EE_CERT = "";
    public static final String ONLY_ONE_CRL_ALLOWED = "";
    public static final String CRL_IS_X509CRL = "";
    public static final String CERT_HAS_SKI = "";
    public static final String GET_SIGNER_INFO = "";
    public static final String ONLY_ONE_SIGNER = "";
    public static final String CMS_SIGNER_INFO_VERSION = "";
    public static final String CMS_SIGNER_INFO_DIGEST_ALGORITHM = "";
    public static final String CMS_SIGNER_INFO_SKI = "";
    public static final String CMS_SIGNER_INFO_SKI_ONLY = "";
    public static final String ENCRYPTION_ALGORITHM = "cms.encryption.algorithm";
    public static final String SIGNED_ATTRS_PRESENT = "cms.signed.attrs.present";
    public static final String CONTENT_TYPE_ATTR_PRESENT = "cms.content.type.attr.present";
    public static final String CONTENT_TYPE_VALUE_COUNT = "cms.content.type.value.count";
    public static final String CONTENT_TYPE_VALUE = "cms.content.type.value";
    public static final String MSG_DIGEST_ATTR_PRESENT = "cms.msg.digest.attr.present";
    public static final String MSG_DIGEST_VALUE_COUNT = "cms.msg.digest.value.count";
    public static final String SIGNING_TIME_ATTR_PRESENT = "cms.signing.time.attr.present";
    public static final String ONLY_ONE_SIGNING_TIME_ATTR = "";
    public static final String SIGNER_ID_MATCH = "";
    public static final String SIGNATURE_VERIFICATION = "cms.signature";
    public static final String UNSIGNED_ATTRS_OMITTED = "cms.unsigned.attrs.omitted";
    // provisioning CMS payload
    public static final String VALID_PAYLOAD_TYPE = "provisioning.valid.payloadtype";
    public static final String FOUND_PAYLOAD_TYPE = "provisioning.found.payloadtype";
    public static final String VALID_PAYLOAD_VERSION = "provisioning.valid.payloadversion";
    public static final String ROA_CONTENT_TYPE = "roa.content.type";
    public static final String ROA_CONTENT_STRUCTURE = "roa.content.structure";
    public static final String ROA_RESOURCES = "roa.resources";
    public static final String ASN_AND_PREFIXES_IN_DER_SEQ = "roa.seq.has.asn.and.prefixes";
    public static final String ROA_ATTESTATION_VERSION = "roa.attestation.version";
    public static final String ROA_PREFIX_LIST = "roa.prefix.list.not.empty";
    public static final String ADDR_FAMILY_AND_ADDR_IN_DER_SEQ = "";
    public static final String ADDR_FAMILY = "";
    public static final String PREFIX_IN_ADDR_FAMILY = "";
    public static final String PREFIX_LENGTH = "roa.prefix.length";
    public static final String MANIFEST_CONTENT_TYPE = "mf.content.type";
    public static final String MANIFEST_CONTENT_SIZE = "mf.content.size";
    public static final String MANIFEST_CONTENT_STRUCTURE = "mf.content.structure";
    public static final String MANIFEST_TIME_FORMAT = "mf.time.format";
    public static final String MANIFEST_FILE_HASH_ALGORITHM = "mf.file.hash.algorithm";
    public static final String MANIFEST_DECODE_FILELIST = "mf.decode.filelist";
    public static final String MANIFEST_RESOURCE_INHERIT = "mf.resource.inherit";
    public static final String MANIFEST_PAST_NEXT_UPDATE_TIME = "";
    public static final String VALIDATOR_URI_SAFETY = "";
    public static final String VALIDATOR_URI_RSYNC_SCHEME = "validator.uri.rsync.scheme";
    public static final String VALIDATOR_URI_HOST = "";
    public static final String VALIDATOR_URI_PATH = "validator.uri.path";
    public static final String VALIDATOR_FILE_CONTENT = "validator.file.content";
    public static final String VALIDATOR_READ_FILE = "";
    public static final String VALIDATOR_RSYNC_COMMAND = "validator.rsync.command";
    public static final String VALIDATOR_FETCHED_OBJECT_IS_MANIFEST = "";
    public static final String VALIDATOR_FETCHED_OBJECT_IS_CRL = "";
    public static final String VALIDATOR_MANIFEST_DOES_NOT_CONTAIN_FILE = "validator.manifest.does.not.contain.file";
    public static final String VALIDATOR_OBJECT_PROCESSING_EXCEPTION = "validator.object.processing.exception";
    // Problems with repository
    public static final String VALIDATOR_REPOSITORY_OBJECT_DROP = "validator.repository.object.drop";
    public static final String VALIDATOR_REPOSITORY_INCOMPLETE = "validator.repository.incomplete";
    public static final String VALIDATOR_REPOSITORY_INCONSISTENT = "validator.repository.inconsistent";
    public static final String VALIDATOR_REPOSITORY_UNKNOWN = "validator.repository.unknown";
    public static final String VALIDATOR_REPOSITORY_OBJECT_NOT_IN_CACHE = "";
    public static final String VALIDATOR_REPOSITORY_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND = "validator.repository.object.not.found";
    public static final String VALIDATOR_REPOSITORY_UNSUPPORTED_GHOSTBUSTERS_RECORD = "validator.repository.unsupported.ghostbusters.record";
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