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 package net.sf.beezle.sushi.fs;

To programmatically test the features available in a filesystem. A features is not specific to a node, it's specific to a file system. Features do not change during the lifetime of the vm. This is a value object passed to the filesystem constructor (and not an interface, e.g. implemented by Filesystems) to ensure that values won't change.
public class Features {
    public final boolean write;

if not, move is emulated by copy and delete
    public final boolean nativeMove;
if not, link methods throw an UnsupportedOperationException
    public final boolean links;
    public final boolean modes;
    public final boolean atomicMkfile;
    public final boolean atomicMkdir;
    public Features(boolean writeboolean nativeMoveboolean linksboolean modesboolean atomicMkfileboolean atomicMkdir) {
        this. = write;
        this. = nativeMove;
        this. = links;
        this. = modes;
        this. = atomicMkfile;
        this. = atomicMkdir;
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