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 package jason.asSyntax;
 import java.util.List;

The interface for lists of the AgentSpeak language

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public interface ListTerm extends java.util.List<Term>, Term {
    public void setTerm(Term t);
    public Term getTerm();
    public void setNext(Term l);
    public ListTerm getNext();
    public boolean isEnd();
    public boolean isTail();
    public VarTerm getTail();
    public void setTail(VarTerm v);
    public ListTerm getLast();
    public ListTerm getPenultimate();
    public Term     removeLast();
    public ListTerm append(Term t);
    public ListTerm insert(Term t);
    public ListTerm concat(ListTerm lt);
    public ListTerm reverse();
    public ListTerm union(ListTerm lt);
    public ListTerm intersection(ListTerm lt);
    public ListTerm difference(ListTerm lt);
returns all subsets that take k elements of this list
    public Iterator<List<Term>> subSets(int k);
    public Iterator<ListTermlistTermIterator();
    public List<TermgetAsList();

clone the list term
    public ListTerm cloneLT();
make a shallow copy of the list (terms are not cloned, only the structure)
    public ListTerm cloneLTShallow();
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