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 package jason.asSyntax;
 import java.util.Map;

Common interface for all kind of terms

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public interface Term extends CloneableComparable<Term>, SerializableToDOM {
    public boolean isVar();
    public boolean isUnnamedVar();
    public boolean isLiteral();
    public boolean isRule();
    public boolean isList();
    public boolean isString();
    public boolean isInternalAction();
    public boolean isArithExpr();
    public boolean isNumeric();
    public boolean isPred();
    public boolean isGround();
    public boolean isStructure();
    public boolean isAtom();
    public boolean isPlanBody();
    public boolean isCyclicTerm();
    public boolean hasVar(VarTerm tUnifier u);
    public VarTerm getCyclicVar();
    public void countVars(Map<VarTermIntegerc);
    public Term clone();
    public boolean equals(Object o);
    public boolean subsumes(Term l); 

replaces variables by their values in the unifier, returns true if some variable was applied
    //public boolean apply(Unifier u);

clone and applies together (and faster than clone and then apply)
    public Term capply(Unifier u);
Removes the value cached for hashCode
    //public void resetHashCodeCache();
    public void setSrcInfo(SourceInfo s);
    public SourceInfo getSrcInfo();
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