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 package jason.runtime;
 import java.util.List;
 import java.util.Set;

This interface is implemented by the infrastructure tier (Saci/Centralised/...) to provide concrete runtime services.
public interface RuntimeServicesInfraTier {

Creates a new agent with agName from source agSource, using agClass as agent class (default value is jason.asSemantics.Agent), archClass as agent architecture class (default value is jason.architecture.AgArch), bbPars as the belief base class (default value is DefaultBeliefBase), and stts as Settings (default value is new Settings()).

Example: createAgent("bob", "bob.asl", "mypkg.MyAgent", null, null, null); Returns the name of the agent

    public String createAgent(String agNameString agSourceString agClassList<StringarchClassesClassParameters bbParsSettings sttsthrows Exception;

start (e.g. create thread) the agent
    public void startAgent(String agName);
Clones an agent

source: the used as source of beliefs, plans, ...
archClassName: the architecture that will be used
agName: the name of the clone
the agent arch created
    public AgArch clone(Agent sourceList<StringarchClassesString agNamethrows JasonException;

Kills the agent named agName as a requested by byAg. The stopAg() method, in the agent architecture is called before the agent is removed.
    public boolean killAgent(String agNameString byAg);

Returns a set of all agents' name
    public Set<StringgetAgentsNames();

Gets the number of agents in the MAS.
    public int getAgentsQty();

Stop all MAS (the agents, the environment, the controller, ...)
    public void stopMAS() throws Exception;
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