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 package jadex.bdi.planlib.df;
Modify df entry on a remote platform.
public class DFRemoteModifyPlan extends Plan
The body method is called on the instantiated plan instance from the scheduler.
	public void body()
		DFModify mo = new DFModify();
		Number lt = (Number)getParameter("leasetime").getValue();
		// When AID is ommited, enter self. Hack???
		if(desc.getName()==null || lt!=null)
			IComponentIdentifier	biddesc.getName()!=null ? desc.getName() : getScope().getComponentIdentifier();
			Date	leasetimelt==null ? desc.getLeaseTime() : new Date(getTime()+lt.longValue());
			descnew DFComponentDescription(biddesc.getServices(), desc.getProtocols(), desc.getOntologies(), desc.getLanguages(), leasetime);
		IGoal req = createGoal("rp_initiate");
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