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A generic debugger panel that can display arbitrary java objects.
	//-------- constants --------
The image icons.
	protected static final UIDefaults	iconsnew UIDefaults(new Object[]{
		"contents", SGUI.makeIcon(ObjectInspectorDebuggerPanel.class"/jadex/tools/common/images/bug_small.png")
	//-------- attributes --------
The gui component.
	//-------- IDebuggerPanel methods --------
Called to initialize the panel. Called on the swing thread.

jcc The jcc.
bpp The breakpoint panel.
id The component identifier.
access The external access of the component.
	public void init(IControlCenter jccIBreakpointPanel bppIComponentIdentifier nameIExternalAccess access)
	{ ObjectInspectorPanel(access);

The title of the panel (name of the tab).

The tab title.
	public String getTitle()
		return "Object Inspector";

The icon of the panel.

The icon (or null, if none).
	public Icon getIcon()
		return .getIcon("contents");

The component to be shown in the gui.

The component to be displayed.
		return ;

The tooltip text of the panel, if any.

The tooltip text, or null.
		return "Show the object contents";

Dispose the component.
	public void dispose()
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