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 package net.sourceforge.jsdialect.ckeditor;
Thymeleaf processor to add a CKEditor into a textarea. Usage:
 <textarea js:ckeditor="true, disableFileBrowser">
       This is <b>my text</b>.
where 'disableFileBrowser' attribute disables the 'Browse server' buttons while inserting images or links. This second parameter is not required so it can be left empty.
    private JsDialect dialect;
    public CkEditorAttrProcessor(JsDialect dialect) {
        this. = dialect;
    public int getPrecedence() {
        return 10000;
    public ProcessorResult processAttribute(Arguments argumentsElement elementString attributeName) {
        new CkEditorCommand(argumentselementattributeName).execute();
        return .;
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