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 // This file was generated by the JavaTM Architecture for XML Binding(JAXB) Reference Implementation, vhudson-jaxb-ri-2.1-833 
 // See <a href=""></a> 
 // Any modifications to this file will be lost upon recompilation of the source schema. 
 // Generated on: 2012.03.23 at 06:29:13 PM CET 
 package nl.cloudfarming.client.isobus.model;
Type: Coding data Description: The OperationTechniqueReference XML element contains a reference to a single OperationTechnique. Included by XML element: - CulturalPractice References XML element: - OperationTechnique
@XmlType(name = "")
@XmlRootElement(name = "OTR")
    @XmlAttribute(name = "A", required = true)
    protected Object operationTechniqueIdRef;

Reference to XML element OperationTechnique Format: (OTQ|OTQ-)([0-9])+

possible object is
    public Object getOperationTechniqueIdRef() {
        return ;

Sets the value of the operationTechniqueIdRef property.

value allowed object is
    public void setOperationTechniqueIdRef(Object value) {
        this. = value;
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