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bundle.uninstalled=The bundle {0} at version {1} with id {2} has been uninstalled.
cannot.load.superclass=Unable to load the super type {0} for class {1}.
cannot.weave=The class {0} cannot be woven, it may not be possible for the runtime to proxy this class. class {0} is not an interface and therefore a proxy cannot be generated.
error.finding.invocation.listener.method=Error finding InvocationListener method {0} with argument types {1}.
fatal.weaving.failure=There was a serious error trying to weave the class {0}. See the associated exception for more information. method {0} in class {1} cannot be called by {2} because it is in a different package.
no.common.superclass=The class {0} and {1} do not have a common super class.
no.dispatcher=A dispatcher must be specified for a delegating proxy handler. This is most likely a bug in the code calling the ProxyManager. class {0} and its superclass {1} do not have no-args constructors and cannot be woven.
unexpected.error.processing.class=Unexpected error processing {0} when weaving {1}.
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