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Apache Cayenne
Copyright 2001-2011 The Apache Software Foundation

This product includes software developed at
The Apache Software Foundation (


1. ObjectStyle Cayenne Notice: This software is derived from Cayenne Framework, 
originally developed at The ObjectStyle Group and donated to the ASF by its authors

2. This software includes Ashwood graph library developed by Andriy Shapochka.

3. This software includes VPP library developed by FoundryLogic, LLC.


4. CayenneModeler and DVModeler includes JGoodies library developed by Karsten Lentzsch.

5. CayenneModeler includes the Scope library developed by The Scope team.

6. CayenneModeler includes OGNL library developed by Drew Davidson and Luke Blanshard

7. CayenneModeler includes HSQLDB library developed by The HSQL Development Group.

8. CayenneModeler includes GIF binary images developed by Eclipse Foundation. 

9. CayenneModeler includes jEdit-syntax library developed by Slava Pestov, Artur Biesiadowski, 
Clancy Malcolm, Jonathan Revusky, Juha Lindfors and Mike Dillon.

10. CayenneModeler includes Inflector library developed by the Inflector project

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