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 package org.apache.cayenne.modeler.pref;
Class _DataMapDefaults was generated by Cayenne. It is probably a good idea to avoid changing this class manually, since it may be overwritten next time code is regenerated. If you need to make any customizations, please use subclass.
public abstract class _DataMapDefaults extends PreferenceDetail {
    public static final String GENERATE_PAIRS_PROPERTY = "generatePairs";
    public static final String OUTPUT_PATH_PROPERTY = "outputPath";
    public static final String SUBCLASS_TEMPLATE_PROPERTY = "subclassTemplate";
    public static final String SUPERCLASS_PACKAGE_PROPERTY = "superclassPackage";
    public static final String SUPERCLASS_TEMPLATE_PROPERTY = "superclassTemplate";
    public static final String ID_PK_COLUMN = "id";
    public void setGeneratePairs(Boolean generatePairs) {
    public Boolean getGeneratePairs() {
        return (Boolean)readProperty("generatePairs");
    public void setOutputPath(String outputPath) {
    public String getOutputPath() {
        return (String)readProperty("outputPath");
    public void setSubclassTemplate(String subclassTemplate) {
    public String getSubclassTemplate() {
        return (String)readProperty("subclassTemplate");
    public void setSuperclassPackage(String superclassPackage) {
    public String getSuperclassPackage() {
        return (String)readProperty("superclassPackage");
    public void setSuperclassTemplate(String superclassTemplate) {
    public String getSuperclassTemplate() {
        return (String)readProperty("superclassTemplate");
    protected abstract void prePersist();
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