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bad_argument=Warning - missing or malformed argument for option: {0}
bad_attribute_value= unknown attribute value "{0}"
bad_cdata_content=Warning: '<' + '/' + letter not allowed here
bad_comment_chars=Warning: expecting -- or >
bad_tree= Panic - tree has lost its integrity
bad_xml_comment=Warning: XML comments can't contain --
badaccess_frames=Pages designed using frames presents problems for people who are either blind or using a browser that doesn't support frames. A frames-based page should always include an alternative layout inside a NOFRAMES element.
badaccess_missing_image_alt=The alt attribute should be used to give a short description of an image; longer descriptions should be given with the longdesc attribute which takes a URL linked to the description. These measures are needed for people using non-graphical browsers.
badaccess_missing_image_map=Use client-side image maps in preference to server-side image maps as the latter are inaccessible to people using non- graphical browsers. In addition, client-side maps are easier to set up and provide immediate feedback to users.
badaccess_missing_link_alt=For hypertext links defined using a client-side image map, you need to use the alt attribute to provide a textual description of the link for people using non-graphical browsers.
badaccess_missing_summary=The table summary attribute should be used to describe the table structure. It is very helpful for people using non-visual browsers. The scope and headers attributes for table cells are useful for specifying which headers apply to each table cell, enabling non-visual browsers to provide a meaningful context for each cell.
badaccess_summary=For further advice on how to make your pages accessible see "{0}". You may also want to try "" which is a free Web-based service for checking URLs for accessibility.
badchars_summary=Characters codes for the Microsoft Windows fonts in the range 128 - 159 may not be recognized on other platforms. You are instead recommended to use named entities, e.g. &trade; rather than Windows character code 153 (0x2122 in Unicode). Note that as of February 1998 few browsers support the new entities."
badform_summary=You may need to move one or both of the <form> and </form> tags. HTML elements should be properly nested and form elements are no exception. For instance you should not place the <form> in one table cell and the </form> in another. If the <form> is placed before a table, the </form> cannot be placed inside the table! Note that one form can't be nested inside another!
badlayout_using_body=You are recommended to use CSS to specify page and link colors
badlayout_using_font=You are recommended to use CSS to specify the font and properties such as its size and color. This will reduce the size of HTML files and make them easier maintain compared with using <FONT> elements.
badlayout_using_layer=The Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Positioning mechanism is recommended in preference to the proprietary <LAYER> element due to limited vendor support for LAYER.
badlayout_using_nobr=You are recommended to use CSS to control line wrapping. Use "white-space: nowrap" to inhibit wrapping in place of inserting <NOBR>...</NOBR> into the markup.
badlayout_using_spacer=You are recommended to use CSS for controlling white space (e.g. for indentation, margins and line spacing). The proprietary <SPACER> element has limited vendor support.
by= by
cant_be_nested= can't be nested
coerce_to_endtag= <{0}> is probably intended as </{0}>
content_after_body=Warning: content occurs after end of body
discarding_unexpected=Warning: discarding unexpected
doctype_after_tags=Warning: <!DOCTYPE> isn't allowed after elements
doctype_given= {0}: Doctype given is "
dtype_not_upper_case=Warning: SYSTEM, PUBLIC, W3C, DTD, EN must be upper case
duplicate_frameset=Error: repeated FRAMESET element
forced_end_anchor=Warning: <a> is probably intended as </a>
general_info=HTML & CSS specifications are available from To learn more about Tidy see Please send bug reports to Dave Raggett care of <> Lobby your company to join W3C, see
hello_message= Tidy (vers {0}) Parsing "{1}"
help_text={0}: file1 file2 ... Utility to clean up & pretty print html files see options for tidy released on {1} Processing directives -------------------- -indent or -i indent element content -omit or -o omit optional endtags -wrap 72 wrap text at column 72 (default is 68) -upper or -u force tags to upper case (default is lower) -clean or -c replace font, nobr & center tags by CSS -numeric or -n output numeric rather than named entities -errors or -e only show errors -quiet or -q suppress nonessential output -xml use this when input is wellformed xml -asxml to convert html to wellformed xml -slides to burst into slides on h2 elements Character encodings ------------------ -raw leave chars > 128 unchanged upon output -ascii use ASCII for output, Latin-1 for input -latin1 use Latin-1 for both input and output -iso2022 use ISO2022 for both input and output -utf8 use UTF-8 for both input and output -mac use the Apple MacRoman character set File manipulation --------------- -config <file> set options from config file -f <file> write errors to named <file> -modify or -m to modify original files Miscellaneous ------------ -version or -v show version -help or -h list command line options You can also use --blah for any config file option blah Input/Output default to stdin/stdout respectively Single letter options apart from -f may be combined as in: tidy -f errs.txt -imu foo.html For further info on HTML see
id_name_mismatch= id and name attribute value mismatch
illegal_char=Warning: replacing illegal character code {0,number}
illegal_nesting= shouldn't be nested
inconsistent_namespace=Warning: html namespace doesn't match content
inconsistent_version=Warning: html doctype doesn't match content
inserting_tag=Warning: inserting implicit <{0}>
line_column=line {0,number} column {1,number} -
malformed_comment=Warning: adjacent hyphens within comment
malformed_doctype=Warning: expected "html PUBLIC" or "html SYSTEM"
missing_attr_value= attribute "{0}" lacks value
missing_attribute= lacks "{0}" attribute
missing_body=Can't create slides - document is missing a body element.
missing_endtag_before=Warning: missing </{0}> before
missing_endtag_for=Warning: missing </{0}>
missing_imagemap= should use client-side image map
missing_semicolon=Warning: entity "{0}" doesn''t end in '';''
missing_starttag=Warning: missing <{0}>
missing_title_element=Warning: inserting missing 'title' element
needs_author_intervention=This document has errors that must be fixed before using HTML Tidy to generate a tidied up version.
nested_emphasis= nested emphasis
no_warnings=no warnings or errors were found
noframes_content= not inside 'noframes' element
non_matching_endtag_1=Warning: replacing unexpected
non_matching_endtag_2= by </{0}>
num_warnings={0,number} warnings/errors were found!
obsolete_element=Warning: replacing obsolete element
proprietary_attr_value= proprietary attribute value "{0}"
proprietary_element= is not approved by W3C
repeated_attribute= repeated attribute
replacing_element=Warning: replacing element
report_version= {0}: Document content looks like {1}
slides_found={0,number} Slides found
suspected_missing_quote=Error: missing quotemark for attribute value
tag_not_allowed_in= isn''t allowed in <{0}> elements
too_many_elements=Warning: too many {0} elements
too_many_elements_suffix= in <{0}>
trim_empty_element=Warning: trimming empty
unescaped_ampersand=Warning: unescaped & which should be written as &amp;
unexpected_end_of_file=Warning: end of file while parsing attributes
unexpected_endtag=Warning: unexpected </{0}>
unexpected_endtag_suffix= in <{0}>
unexpected_gt= missing '>' for end of tag
unexpected_quotemark= unexpected or duplicate quote mark
unknown_attribute=Warning: unknown attribute "{0}"
unknown_element= is not recognized!
unknown_entity=Warning: unescaped & or unknown entity "{0}"
unknown_file={0}: can''t open file "{1}"
unknown_option=Warning - unknown option: {0}
unrecognized_option=unrecognized option -{0} use -help to list options
using_br_inplace_of=Warning: using <br> in place of
xml_attribute_value= has XML attribute "{0}"
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