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01009=Generated column {0} dropped from table {1}.
01504=The new index is a duplicate of an existing index: {0}.
01522=The newly defined synonym ''{0}'' resolved to the object ''{1}'' which is currently undefined.
22015=The ''{0}'' function is not allowed on the following set of types. First operand is of type ''{1}''. Second operand is of type ''{2}''. Third operand (start position) is of type ''{3}''.
22501=An ESCAPE clause of NULL returns undefined results and is not allowed.
42X59=The number of columns in each VALUES constructor must be the same.
42X68=No field ''{0}'' was found belonging to class ''{1}''. It may be that the field exists, but it is not public, or that the class does not exist or is not public.
42X77=Column position ''{0}'' is out of range for the query expression.
42X86=ALTER TABLE failed. There is no constraint ''{0}'' on table ''{1}''.
42Y49=Multiple values specified for property key ''{0}''.
42Y58=NumberFormatException occurred when converting value ''{0}'' for optimizer override ''{1}''.
42Y67=Schema ''{0}'' cannot be dropped.
42Y85=The DEFAULT keyword is only allowed in a VALUES clause when the VALUES clause appears within an INSERT statement.
42Y94=An AND or OR has a non-boolean operand. The operands of AND and OR must evaluate to TRUE, FALSE, or UNKNOWN.
42Z39.U=Unexpected exception {0} getting positioner.
42Z48.U=Column[{0}][{1}] Id
42Z57.U=Execution stopped after optimizing by StopAfterOptimizing debug flag.
42Z75=XML query expression must be a string literal.
42Z93=Constraints ''{0}'' and ''{1}'' have the same set of columns, which is not allowed.
43X49.U=Hash Left Outer Join
43X58.U=Hash Table
43X67.U=Insert ResultSet using
43X76.U=Materialized ResultSet
43X85.U=Nested Loop Exists Join ResultSet
43Y57.U=User supplied optimizer overrides for join are {0}
XBCM4.S=Java class file format limit(s) exceeded: {1} in generated class {0}.
XBM0G.D=Failed to start encryption engine. Please make sure you are running Java 2 and have downloaded an encryption provider such as jce and put it in your class path.
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