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42834=SET NULL cannot be specified because FOREIGN KEY ''{0}'' cannot contain null values.
42915=Foreign Key ''{0}'' is invalid for the reason which follows: ''{1}''.
42XA8=You cannot rename ''{0}'' because it is referenced by the generation clause of column ''{1}''.
42ZB5=Class ''{0}'' implements VTICosting but does not provide a public, no-argument constructor.
42ZC4=User defined aggregate ''{0}''.''{1}'' is bound to external class ''{2}''. The parameter types of that class could not be resolved.
58017.C=The DDM parameter value 0x{0} is not supported. An input host variable may not be within the range the server supports. The connection has been terminated.
A002=Fatal: There is no Authentication Service for the database
A011=Warning: No LDAP Server/Host name mentioned in {0} property; assuming localhost:389
A020=Invalid authentication.
C000=Wrote class {0} to file {1}. Please provide support with the file and the following exception information: {2}
XBM0R.D=Unable to remove File {0}.
XIE0S.S=The export operation was not performed, because the specified output file ({0}) already exists. Export processing will not overwrite an existing file, even if the process has permissions to write to that file, due to security concerns, and to avoid accidental file damage. Please either change the output file name in the export procedure arguments to specify a file which does not exist, or delete the existing file, then retry the export operation.
XJ014.S=No name for un-named SAVEPOINTS.
XJ023.S=Input stream did not have exact amount of data as the requested length.
XJ041.C=Failed to create database ''{0}'', see the next exception for details.
XJ050.U=Database requires upgrade from version {0}, set the attribute ''upgrade=true'' on the JDBC connection URL to allow upgrade to version {1}.
XJ104.S=Shared key length is invalid: {0}.
XJ113.S=Unable to open file {0} : {1}
XJ122.S=No updateXXX methods were called on this row.
XJ203.S=Cursor name ''{0}'' is already in use
XJ212.S=Invalid attribute syntax: {0}
XN001.S=Connection reset is not allowed when inside a unit of work.
XN010.S=Procedure name can not be null.
XSAJ3.U=Number of deleted rows visited
XSAM0.S=Exception encountered while trying to boot module for ''{0}''.
XSCB9.S=Reserved for testing.
XSDA9.S=Class not found during restore of a serializable or SQLData object of class {0}
XSDB8.D=Warning: Derby (instance {0}) is attempting to boot the database {1} even though Derby (instance {2}) may still be active. Only one instance of Derby should boot a database at a time. Severe and non-recoverable corruption can result if 2 instances of Derby boot on the same database at the same time. The derby.database.forceDatabaseLock=true property has been set, so the database will not boot until the db.lck is no longer present. Normally this file is removed when the first instance of Derby to boot on the database exits, but it may be left behind in some shutdowns. It will be necessary to remove the file by hand in that case. It is important to verify that no other VM is accessing the database before deleting the db.lck file by hand.
XSDF4.S=Exception during remove of file {0} for dropped container, file could not be removed {1}.
XSDG3.D=Meta-data for {0} could not be accessed to {1} {2}
XSLA1.D=Log Record has been sent to the stream, but it cannot be applied to the store (Object {0}). This may cause recovery problems also.
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