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01J05=Database upgrade succeeded. The upgraded database is now ready for use. Revalidating stored prepared statements failed. See next exception for details of failure.
01J14=SQL authorization is being used without first enabling authentication.
0P000=Invalid role specification, role does not exist: ''{0}''.
0P000.S.1=Invalid role specification, role not granted to current user or PUBLIC: ''{0}''.
2200L=Values assigned to XML columns must be well-formed Document nodes.
40XT2=An exception was thrown during rollback of a SAVEPOINT.
4250E=Internal Error: invalid {0} id in statement permission list.
4251D=Only the database owner can perform this operation.
42XAC=''INCREMENT BY'' value can not be zero.
J004=Database identity
J013=Upgrade database
J022=User name
J031=Collation for character datatypes
J103=An exception was thrown during network server shutdown. {0}
J112=Userid missing
J121=The user is not authorized to access the database.
J130=A protocol error (Invalid FDOCA Description Error) was detected.
L002=------------ End Error Message -------------
L011=Checkpoint Daemon caught standard exception
L020=Warning: The database was at least at one time booted with {0}={1}. As a result of this mode being used, it is possible that the database may not be able to recover, committed transactions may be lost, and the database may be in an inconsistent state. This may cause unexpected errors.
M001= # ******************************************************************** # *** Please do NOT edit this file. *** # *** CHANGING THE CONTENT OF THIS FILE MAY CAUSE DATA CORRUPTION. *** # ********************************************************************
X0X02.S=Table ''{0}'' cannot be locked in ''{1}'' mode.
X0X11.S=The USING clause did not return any results so no parameters can be set.
XJ079.S=The length specified ''{0}'' exceeds the size of the BLOB/CLOB.
XJ088.S=Invalid operation: wasNull() called with no data retrieved.
XJ097.S=Cannot rollback or release a savepoint that was not created by this connection.
XSAX0.S=XA protocol violation.
XSDAD.S=Attempt to move zero rows from one page to another.
XSDBC.D=Write of container information to page 0 of container {0} failed. See nested error for more information.
XSTB3.M=Cannot abort transaction because the log manager is null, probably due to an earlier error.
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