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01J08=Unable to open resultSet type {0}. ResultSet type {1} opened.
01J17=You cannot encrypt, re-encrypt, or decrypt a database which is already booted. You must shutdown the database before attempting these operations.
40XT5=Exception thrown during an internal transaction.
4251G=Please set derby.authentication.builtin.algorithm to a valid message digest algorithm. The current authentication scheme is too weak to be used by NATIVE authentication.
4293A=A role cannot be created with the name ''{0}'', the SYS prefix is reserved.
42XAF=Invalid ''MINVALUE'' value ''{0}''. Must be smaller than ''MAXVALUE: {1}''.
42ZCB=A varargs procedure may not return result sets.
I026=JDBC Driver registration with java.sql.DriverManager failed: {0}
J007=Create database
J016=Cryptographic service provider
J025=Log directory path
J115=New password invalid
J124=The access relational database (ACCRDB) command cannot be issued because the database is already currently accessed.
J133=The user''s password for the connection
L005= ------------ Begin Error Stack -------------
L014=Bad start instant
M004=Failed to delete leftover service properties backup file, delete it manually: {0}
X0X05.S=Table/View ''{0}'' does not exist.
XBCXB.S=Bad encryption padding ''{0}'' or padding not specified. ''NoPadding'' must be used.
XSAJA.U=Number of rows input
XSDAG.S=The allocation nested top transaction cannot open the container.
XSDFB.S=Operation not supported by a read only database
XSTB6.M=Cannot substitute a transaction table with another while one is already in use.
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