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2201X=Invalid row count for OFFSET, must be >= 0.
R009=Exception occurred during log shipping.
X0X87.S=ResultSet.relative(int row) cannot be called when the cursor is not positioned on a row.
X0Y59.S=Attempt to add or enable constraint(s) on table ''{1}'' failed because the table contains {2} row(s) that violate the following check constraint(s): {0}.
X0Y68.S={0} ''{1}'' already exists.
X0Y77.S=Cannot issue set transaction isolation statement on a global transaction that is in progress because it would have implicitly committed the global transaction.
X0Y86.S=Derby could not obtain the locks needed to release the unused, preallocated values for the sequence ''{0}''.''{1}''. As a result, unexpected gaps may appear in this sequence.
XBCXL.S=The verification process for the encryption key was not successful. This could have been caused by an error when accessing the appropriate file to do the verification process. See next exception for details.
XBDA0.C.1=Login timeout exceeded.
XBM08.D=Could not instantiate {0} StorageFactory class {1}.
XCL08.S=Cursor ''{0}'' is not on a row.
XCL26.S=Parameter {0} is not an output parameter.
XCL35.S=The table cannot be defined as a dependent of table {0} because of delete rule restrictions. (The relationship causes the table to be delete-connected to the indicated table through multiple relationships and the delete rule of the existing relationship is SET NULL.).
XIE09.S=The total number of columns in the row is: {0}.
XRE00=This LogFactory module does not support replication.
XSLAI.D=Cannot log the checkpoint log record
XSRS1.S=Cannot backup the database to {0}, which is not a directory.
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