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42X20=Syntax error; integer literal expected.
42Y01=Constraint ''{0}'' is invalid.
42Y10=A table constructor that is not in an INSERT statement has all ? parameters in one of its columns. For each column, at least one of the rows must have a non-parameter.
42Z00.U=Java method call or field reference
43X01.U=Begin Subquery Number
43Y00.U=Scalar Aggregate ResultSet
44X00.U=SQL Type Name
X0X99.S=Index ''{0}'' does not exist.
XBCXO.S=Cannot encrypt, re-encrypt or decrypt the database when there is a global transaction in the prepared state.
XCL38.S=The delete rule of foreign key must be {0}. The relationship would cause the table to be delete-connected to the same table through multiple relationships and such relationships must have the same delete rule (NO ACTION, RESTRICT or CASCADE).
XCL47.S=Use of ''{0}'' requires database to be upgraded from version {1} to version {2} or later.
XCW00.D=Unsupported upgrade from ''{0}'' to ''{1}''.
XML01=Encountered unexpected error while processing XML: {0}
XRE03=Unexpected replication error. See derby.log for details.
XRE12=Replication network protocol error for database ''{0}''. Expected message type ''{1}'', but received type ''{2}''.
XRE21.C=Error occurred while performing failover for database ''{0}'', Failover attempt was aborted.
XSLAL.D=Log record size {2} exceeded the maximum allowable log file size {3}. Error encountered in log file {0}, position {1}.
XSRS4.S=Error renaming file (during backup) from {0} to {1}.
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