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10000=Encountered error while evaluating XML query expression for {0} operator: {1}
42X05=Table/View ''{0}'' does not exist.
42X14=''{0}'' is not a column in table or VTI ''{1}''.
42X23=Cursor {0} is not updatable.
42X32=The number of columns in the derived column list must match the number of columns in table ''{0}''.
42X41=In the Properties clause of a FROM list, the property ''{0}'' is not valid (the property was being set to ''{1}'').
42X50=No method was found that matched the method call {0}.{1}({2}), tried all combinations of object and primitive types and any possible type conversion for any parameters the method call may have. The method might exist but it is not public and/or static, or the parameter types are not method invocation convertible.
42Y04=Cannot create a procedure or function with EXTERNAL NAME ''{0}'' because it is not a list separated by periods. The expected format is <full java path>.<method name>.
42Y13=Column name ''{0}'' appears more than once in the CREATE VIEW statement.
42Y22=Aggregate {0} cannot operate on type {1}.
42Y40=''{0}'' appears multiple times in the UPDATE OF column list for trigger ''{1}''.
42Z12.U=Internal error: Invalid attempt to access a {0} as a stream
42Z21=Invalid increment specified for identity for column ''{0}''. Increment cannot be zero.
42Z30.U=time spent in this ResultSet =
43X04.U=Rows seen
43X13.U=Delete ResultSet using
43X22.U=Distinct Scalar Aggregate
43X31.U=Hash table size
43X40.U=Sort information
43Y03.U=Scroll Insensitive ResultSet
43Y12.U=Fetch Size
43Y21.U=Materialized subqueries
43Y30.U=Begin Compilation Timestamp
X0X0E.S=Table ''{1}'' does not have an auto-generated column at column position ''{0}''.
XCZ00.S=Unknown permission ''{0}''.
XRE06=The connection attempts to the replication slave for the database {0} exceeded the specified timeout period.
XRE42.C=Replicated database ''{0}'' shutdown.
XSLAO.D=Recovery failed unexpected problem: {0}.
XSRS7.S=Backup caught unexpected exception.
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