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01001=An attempt to update or delete an already deleted row was made: No row was updated or deleted.
02000=No row was found for FETCH, UPDATE or DELETE; or the result of a query is an empty table.
42X06=Too many result columns specified for table ''{0}''.
42X15=Column name ''{0}'' appears in a statement without a FROM list.
42X24=Column {0} is referenced in the HAVING clause but is not in the GROUP BY list.
42X33=The derived column list contains a duplicate column name ''{0}''.
42X42=Correlation name not allowed for column ''{0}'' because it is part of the FOR UPDATE list.
42X51=The class ''{0}'' does not exist or is inaccessible. This can happen if the class is not public.
42X60=Invalid value ''{0}'' for insertMode property specified for table ''{1}''.
42Y05=There is no Foreign Key named ''{0}''.
42Y23=Incorrect JDBC type info returned for column {0}.
42Y32=Aggregator class ''{0}'' for aggregate ''{1}'' on type {2} does not implement org.apache.derby.iapi.sql.execute.ExecAggregator.
42Y41=''{0}'' cannot be directly invoked via EXECUTE STATEMENT because it is part of a trigger.
42Y50=Properties list for table ''{0}'' may contain values for index or for constraint but not both.
42Z22=Invalid type specified for identity column ''{0}''. The only valid types for identity columns are BIGINT, INT and SMALLINT.
42Z31.U=time spent in this ResultSet and below =
42Z40.U={0} on first {1} column(s).
43X05.U=Source result set
43X14.U=table locking
43X23.U=Distinct Scan ResultSet for {0} using {1} {2}
43X32.U=Rows filtered
43X41.U=Grouped Aggregate ResultSet
43X50.U=Hash Left Outer Join ResultSet
43Y04.U=Number of reads from hash table
43Y22.U=Statement Name
43Y31.U=End Compilation Timestamp
X0X0F.S=Table ''{1}'' does not have an auto-generated column named ''{0}''.
XBCXS.S=Cannot encrypt, re-encrypt or decrypt a database when it is in the log archive mode.
XCY02.S=The requested property change is not supported ''{0}''=''{1}''.
XCZ01.S=Unknown user ''{0}''.
XRE07=Could not perform operation because the database is not in replication master mode.
XRE43=Unexpected error when trying to stop replication slave mode. To stop replication slave mode, use operation ''stopSlave'' or ''failover''.
XSLAP.D=Database at {0} is at version {1}. Beta databases cannot be upgraded.
XSRS8.S=Log Device can only be set during database creation time, it cannot be changed on the fly.
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