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CHOOSE_EXCLUSIVITY=Only one (or is it two?) <choose> subtag may evaluate its body
DATASOURCE_INVALID=Unable to get connection, DataSource invalid: "{0}"
DRIVER_INVALID_CLASS=In <driver>, invalid driver class name: "{0}"
ERROR_GET_CONNECTION=Error getting connection: "{0}"
ERROR_NESTED_DATASOURCE=It is illegal to specify a DataSource when nested within a <transaction>
EXPR_BAD_VALUE=In <expr>, attribute value="{0}" didn't evaluate successfully, but there was no "default" attribute and no non-whitespace content for the tag.
FOREACH_BAD_ITEMS=Don't know how to iterate over supplied "items" in <forEach>
FOREACH_NOT_NODESET=<forEach> can't iterate over XPath expressions that don't return a node-set
FOREACH_STEP_NO_RESULTSET=Step cannot be > 1 when iterating over a ResultSet with <forEach>
FORMAT_DATE_BAD_TIMEZONE=In <formatDate>, 'timeZone' must be an instance of java.lang.String or java.util.TimeZone
FORMAT_DATE_INVALID_DATE_STYLE=In <formatDate>, invalid 'dateStyle' attribute: "{0}"
FORMAT_DATE_INVALID_TIME_STYLE=In <formatDate>, invalid 'timeStyle' attribute: "{0}"
FORMAT_DATE_INVALID_TYPE=In <formatDate>, invalid 'type' attribute: "{0}"
FORMAT_NUMBER_CURRENCY_ERROR=In <formatNumber>, unable to set currency
FORMAT_NUMBER_INVALID_TYPE=In <formatNumber>, invalid 'type' attribute: "{0}"
FORMAT_NUMBER_NO_VALUE=<formatNumber> needs 'value' attribute or non-whitespace body
FORMAT_NUMBER_PARSE_ERROR=In <formatNumber>, 'value' attribute can not be parsed into java.lang.Number: "{0}"
FORTOKENS_BAD_ITEMS="items" in <forTokens&gt must be an instance of java.lang.String or an instance of javax.el.ValueExpression that evaluates to a java.lang.String;
IMPORT_ABS_ERROR=Problem accessing the absolute URL "{0}". {1}
IMPORT_BAD_RELATIVE=In URL tags, when the "context" attribute is specified, values of both "context" and "url" must start with "/".
IMPORT_ILLEGAL_STREAM=Unexpected internal error during <import&gt: Target servlet called getWriter(), then getOutputStream()
IMPORT_ILLEGAL_WRITER=Unexpected internal error during <import&gt: Target servlet called getOutputStream(), then getWriter()
IMPORT_IO=I/O error in <import> occurred reading "{0}"
IMPORT_REL_WITHOUT_DISPATCHER=Unable to get RequestDispatcher for Context: "{0}" and URL: "{1}". Verify values and/or enable cross context access.
IMPORT_REL_WITHOUT_HTTP=Relative <import> from non-HTTP request not allowed
JDBC_PARAM_COUNT=Invalid number of JDBC parameters specified.
LOCALE_EMPTY_COUNTRY=Empty country component in 'value' attribute in <setLocale>
LOCALE_NO_LANGUAGE=Missing language component in 'value' attribute in <setLocale>
MESSAGE_NO_KEY=<message> needs 'key' attribute or non-whitespace body
NOT_SUPPORTED=Not supported
PARAM_BAD_VALUE=Invalid or out of bounds value specified in parameter.
PARAM_ENCODE_BOOLEAN=In <param>, "encode" must be "true" or "false". Got "{0}" instead.
PARAM_NO_VALUE=<param> needs 'value' attribute or non-whitespace body
PARAM_OUTSIDE_MESSAGE=<param> outside <message>
PARAM_OUTSIDE_PARENT=<param> outside <import> or <urlEncode>
PARAM_OUTSIDE_TRANSFORM=<param> outside <transform>
PARSE_DATE_BAD_TIMEZONE=In <parseDate>, 'timeZone' must be an instance of java.lang.String or java.util.TimeZone
PARSE_DATE_INVALID_DATE_STYLE=In <parseDate>, invalid 'dateStyle' attribute: "{0}"
PARSE_DATE_INVALID_TIME_STYLE=In <parseDate>, invalid 'timeStyle' attribute: "{0}"
PARSE_DATE_INVALID_TYPE=In <parseDate>, invalid 'type' attribute: "{0}"
PARSE_DATE_NO_PARSE_LOCALE=In <parseDate>, a parse locale can not be established
PARSE_DATE_NO_VALUE=<parseDate> needs 'value' attribute or non-whitespace body
PARSE_DATE_PARSE_ERROR=In <parseDate>, 'value' attribute can not be parsed: "{0}"
PARSE_INVALID_SOURCE=Unrecognized object supplied as 'xml' attribute to <parse>
PARSE_NO_SAXTRANSFORMER=Filter supplied to <parse>, but default TransformerFactory does not support SAX.
PARSE_NUMBER_INVALID_TYPE=In <parseNumber>, invalid 'type' attribute: "{0}"
PARSE_NUMBER_NO_PARSE_LOCALE=In <parseNumber>, a parse locale can not be established
PARSE_NUMBER_NO_VALUE=<parseNumber> needs 'value' attribute or non-whitespace body
PARSE_NUMBER_PARSE_ERROR=In <parseNumber>, 'value' attribute can not be parsed: "{0}"
SET_BAD_SCOPE=Invalid "scope" attribute for <set>: "{0}"
SET_BAD_SCOPE_DEFERRED=The "scope" attribute for <set&gt must be "page" when "value" attribute is a deferred expression;
SET_INVALID_PROPERTY=Invalid property in <set>: "{0}"
SET_INVALID_TARGET=Attempt to set the property of an invalid object in <set>.
SET_NO_SETTER_METHOD=No setter method in <set> for property "{0}"
SET_NO_VALUE=Need either non-whitespace body or "value" attribute in <set>
SQL_DATASOURCE_INVALID_TYPE='dataSource' is neither a String nor a javax.sql.DataSource
SQL_DATASOURCE_NULL='dataSource' is null
SQL_DATE_PARAM_INVALID_TYPE=In <dateParam>, invalid 'type' attribute: "{0}"
SQL_MAXROWS_INVALID='javax.servlet.jsp.jstl.sql.maxRows' configuration setting neither an Integer nor a String
SQL_MAXROWS_PARSE_ERROR=Error parsing 'javax.servlet.jsp.jstl.sql.maxRows' configuration setting: "{0}"
SQL_NO_STATEMENT=No SQL statement specified
SQL_PARAM_OUTSIDE_PARENT=<param> or <dateParam> must be subtag of SQLExecutionTag actions like <query> or <update>
SQL_PROCESS_ERROR=Error processing SQL: "{0}"
TAG_NULL_ATTRIBUTE=The "{0}" attribute illegally evaluated to "null" or "" in <{1}>
TLV_DANGLING_SCOPE=Illegal 'scope' attribute without 'var' in "{0}" tag.
TLV_EMPTY_VAR=Empty 'var' attribute in "{0}" tag.
TLV_ILLEGAL_BODY=Encountered illegal body of tag "{0}" tag, given its attributes.
TLV_ILLEGAL_CHILD_TAG=Illegal child tag in "{0}:{1}" tag: "{2}" tag
TLV_ILLEGAL_ORDER=Illegal "{0}" after "{1}:{2}" tag in "{1}:{3}" tag.
TLV_ILLEGAL_ORPHAN=Invalid use of "{0}" tag outside legitimate parent tag
TLV_ILLEGAL_PARAM=Illegal "{0}:{1}" tag within "{0}:{2} {3}='...'" tag
TLV_ILLEGAL_TEXT_BODY=Illegal text inside "{0}:{1}" tag: "{2}...".
TLV_INVALID_ATTRIBUTE=Invalid "{0}" attribute in "{1}" tag: "{2}"
TLV_MISSING_BODY=A body is necessary inside the "{0}" tag, given its attributes.
TLV_PARAMETER_ERROR=Invalid value for "{0}" validator parameter in TLD
TLV_PARENT_WITHOUT_SUBTAG=Illegal "{0}" without child "{1}" tag
TRANSACTION_COMMIT_ERROR=In <transaction>, error committing transaction: "{0}"
TRANSACTION_INVALID_ISOLATION=In <transaction>, invalid transaction isolation
TRANSACTION_NO_SUPPORT=In <transaction>, datasource does not support transactions
TRANSFORM_NO_TRANSFORMER=<transform> was not passed an XSLT stylesheet
TRANSFORM_SOURCE_INVALID_LIST=<transform> encountered an invalid java.util.List while processing 'xml' attribute. This error is typically caused if you pass a node-set with more than one node to <transform>'s 'xml' attribute.
TRANSFORM_SOURCE_UNRECOGNIZED=<transform> encountered an unknown type while processing 'xml' attribute
TRANSFORM_XSLT_UNRECOGNIZED=<transform> encountered an unknown type while processing 'xslt' attribute
UNABLE_TO_RESOLVE_ENTITY=Could not resolve entity reference: "{0}"
URLENCODE_NO_VALUE=Need either non-whitespace body or "value" attribute in <urlEncode>
WHEN_OUTSIDE_CHOOSE=Illegal use of <when>-style tag without <choose> as its direct parent
XPATH_ERROR_EVALUATING_EXPR=Error evaluating XPath expression "{0}": {1}
XPATH_ERROR_XOBJECT=Error accessing data in XObject: {0}
XPATH_ILLEGAL_ARG_EVALUATING_EXPR=Illegal argument evaluating XPath expression "{0}": {1}
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