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  /* ====================================================================
     Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
     contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file distributed with
     this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.
     The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0
     (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
     the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at
    Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
    distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
    WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
    See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
    limitations under the License.
 ==================================================================== */
 package org.apache.poi.hmef.attribute;
 import java.util.List;
 import java.util.Map;

Holds the list of TNEF Attributes, and allows lookup by friendly name, ID and MAPI Property Name. Note - the types and IDs differ from standard Outlook/MAPI ones, so we can't just re-use the HSMF ones.
 public final class TNEFProperty {
    private static Map<IntegerList<TNEFProperty>> properties = new HashMap<IntegerList<TNEFProperty>>();
    // Types taken from
    public static final int TYPE_TRIPLES = 0x0000;
    public static final int TYPE_STRING  = 0x0001;
    public static final int TYPE_TEXT    = 0x0002;
    public static final int TYPE_DATE    = 0x0003;
    public static final int TYPE_SHORT   = 0x0004;
    public static final int TYPE_LONG    = 0x0005;
    public static final int TYPE_BYTE    = 0x0006;
    public static final int TYPE_WORD    = 0x0007;
    public static final int TYPE_DWORD   = 0x0008;
    public static final int TYPE_MAX     = 0x0009;
    // Types taken from
AppTime - application time value
    public static final int PTYPE_APPTIME = 0x0007;
Binary - counted byte array
    public static final int PTYPE_BINARY  = 0x0102;
Boolean - 16-bit Boolean value. '0' is false. Non-zero is true
    public static final int PTYPE_BOOLEAN = 0x000B;
ClassId - OLE GUID
    public static final int PTYPE_CLASSID = 0x0048;
Currency - signed 64-bit integer that represents a base ten decimal with four digits to the right of the decimal point
    public static final int PTYPE_CURRENCY = 0x0006;
Double - floating point double
    public static final int PTYPE_DOUBLE   = 0x0005;
Error - 32-bit error value
    public static final int PTYPE_ERROR = 0x000A;
I2 - signed 16-bit value
    public static final int PTYPE_I2 = 0x0002;
I8 - 8-byte signed integer
    public static final int PTYPE_I8 = 0x0014;
Long - signed 32-bit value
    public static final int PTYPE_LONG = 0x0003;
MultiValued - Value part contains multiple values
    public static final int PTYPE_MULTIVALUED = 0x1000;
Null - NULL property value
    public static final int PTYPE_NULL = 0x0001;
Object - embedded object in a property
    public static final int PTYPE_OBJECT = 0x000D;
R4 - 4-byte floating point value
    public static final int PTYPE_R4 = 0x0004;
String8 - null-terminated 8-bit character string
    public static final int PTYPE_STRING8 = 0x001E;
SysTime - FILETIME 64-bit integer specifying the number of 100ns periods since Jan 1, 1601
    public static final int PTYPE_SYSTIME = 0x0040;
Unicode - null-terminated Unicode string
    public static final int PTYPE_UNICODE = 0x001F;
    public static final int PTYPE_UNSPECIFIED = 0x0000;
    // Levels taken from
    public static final int LEVEL_MESSAGE     = 0x01;
    public static final int LEVEL_ATTACHMENT  = 0x02;
    public static final int LEVEL_END_OF_FILE = -0x01;
    // ID information taken from
    public static final TNEFProperty ID_AIDOWNER = 
       new TNEFProperty(0x0008, "AidOwner""PR_OWNER_APPT_ID");
    public static final TNEFProperty ID_ATTACHCREATEDATE = 
       new TNEFProperty(0x8012, "AttachCreateDate""PR_CREATION_TIME");
    public static final TNEFProperty ID_ATTACHDATA = 
       new TNEFProperty(0x800F, "AttachData""PR_ATTACH_DATA_BIN");
    public static final TNEFProperty ID_ATTACHMENT = 
       new TNEFProperty(0x9005, "Attachment"null);
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_ATTACHMETAFILE = 
      new TNEFProperty(0x8011, "AttachMetaFile""PR_ATTACH_RENDERING");
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_ATTACHMODIFYDATE = 
      new TNEFProperty(0x8013, "AttachModifyDate""PR_LAST_MODIFICATION_TIME");
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_ATTACHRENDERDATA = 
      new TNEFProperty(0x9002, "AttachRenderData""attAttachRenddata");
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_ATTACHTITLE = 
      new TNEFProperty(0x8010, "AttachTitle""PR_ATTACH_FILENAME");
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_ATTACHTRANSPORTFILENAME = 
      new TNEFProperty(0x9001, "AttachTransportFilename""PR_ATTACH_TRANSPORT_NAME");
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_BODY = 
      new TNEFProperty(0x800C, "Body""PR_BODY");
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_CONVERSATIONID = 
      new TNEFProperty(0x800B, "ConversationId""PR_CONVERSATION_KEY");
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_DATEEND =
      new TNEFProperty(0x0007, "DateEnd""PR_END_DATE");
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_DATEMODIFIED = 
      new TNEFProperty(0x8020, "DateModified""PR_LAST_MODIFICATION_TIME ");
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_DATERECEIVED = 
      new TNEFProperty(0x8006, "DateReceived""PR_MESSAGE_DELIVERY_TIME ");
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_DATESENT = 
      new TNEFProperty(0x8005, "DateSent""PR_CLIENT_SUBMIT_TIME ");
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_DATESTART = 
      new TNEFProperty(0x0006, "DateStart""PR_START_DATE ");
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_DELEGATE = 
      new TNEFProperty(0x0002, "Delegate""PR_RCVD_REPRESENTING_xxx ");
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_FROM = 
      new TNEFProperty(0x8000, "From""PR_SENDER_ENTRYID");
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_MAPIPROPERTIES = 
      new TNEFProperty(0x9003, "MapiProperties"null);
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_MESSAGECLASS = 
      new TNEFProperty(0x8008, "MessageClass""PR_MESSAGE_CLASS ");
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_MESSAGEID = 
      new TNEFProperty(0x8009, "MessageId""PR_SEARCH_KEY");
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_MESSAGESTATUS = 
      new TNEFProperty(0x8007, "MessageStatus""PR_MESSAGE_FLAGS");
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_NULL = 
      new TNEFProperty(0x0000, -1, "Null"null);
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_OEMCODEPAGE = 
      new TNEFProperty(0x9007, "OemCodepage""AttOemCodepage");
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_ORIGINALMESSAGECLASS = 
      new TNEFProperty(0x0006, "OriginalMessageClass""PR_ORIG_MESSAGE_CLASS"); 
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_OWNER = 
      new TNEFProperty(0x0000, "Owner""PR_RCVD_REPRESENTING_xxx");
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_PARENTID = 
      new TNEFProperty(0x800A, "ParentId""PR_PARENT_KEY");
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_PRIORITY = 
      new TNEFProperty(0x800D, "Priority""PR_IMPORTANCE");
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_RECIPIENTTABLE = 
      new TNEFProperty(0x9004, "RecipientTable""PR_MESSAGE_RECIPIENTS");
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_REQUESTRESPONSE = 
      new TNEFProperty(0x009, "RequestResponse""PR_RESPONSE_REQUESTED");
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_SENTFOR = 
      new TNEFProperty(0x0001, "SentFor""PR_SENT_REPRESENTING_xxx");
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_SUBJECT = 
      new TNEFProperty(0x8004, "Subject""PR_SUBJECT");
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_TNEFVERSION = 
      new TNEFProperty(0x9006, "TnefVersion""attTnefVersion");
   public static final TNEFProperty ID_UNKNOWN =
      new TNEFProperty(-1, -1, "Unknown"null);
The TNEF Property ID
   public final int id;
Usual Type
   public final int usualType;
Property Name
   public final String name;
Equivalent MAPI Property
   public final String mapiProperty;
   private TNEFProperty(int idint usualTypeString nameString mapiProperty) {
      this. = id;
      this. = usualType;
      this. = name;
      this. = mapiProperty;
      // Store it for lookup
      if(! .containsKey(id)) {
         .put(idnew ArrayList<TNEFProperty>());
   public static TNEFProperty getBest(int idint type) {
      List<TNEFPropertyattrs = .get(id);
      if(attrs == null) {
         return ;
      // If there's only one, it's easy
      if(attrs.size() == 1) {
         return attrs.get(0);
      // Try by type
      for(TNEFProperty attr : attrs) {
         if(attr.usualType == typereturn attr;
      // Go for the first if we can't otherwise decide...
      return attrs.get(0);
   public String toString() {
      StringBuffer str = new StringBuffer();
      str.append(" [");
      if( != null) {
         str.append(" (");
      return str.toString();
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