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 package org.relaxng.datatype.helpers;
Dummy implementation of org.relaxng.datatype.DatatypeBuilder. This implementation can be used for Datatypes which have no parameters. Any attempt to add parameters will be rejected.

Typical usage would be:

 class MyDatatypeLibrary implements DatatypeLibrary {
     DatatypeBuilder createDatatypeBuilder( String typeName ) {
         return new ParameterleessDatatypeBuilder(createDatatype(typeName));

public final class ParameterlessDatatypeBuilder implements DatatypeBuilder {

This type object is returned for the derive method.
	private final Datatype baseType;
	public ParameterlessDatatypeBuilderDatatype baseType ) {
		this. = baseType;
	public void addParameterString nameString strValueValidationContext context )
		throw new DatatypeException();
		return ;
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