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attribute_contains_attribute="attribute" contains "attribute"
attribute_contains_element="attribute" contains "element"
bad_attribute_value=bad value for attribute {0}
builtin_param=builtin datatypes do not have any parameters
conflict_combine_define=conflicting values of "combine" attribute for definition of "{0}"
conflict_combine_start=conflicting values of "combine" attribute for definition of start
data_except_contains_attribute="except" in "data" contains "attribute"
data_except_contains_element="except" in "data" contains "element"
data_except_contains_empty="except" in "data" contains "empty"
data_except_contains_group="except" in "data" contains "group"
data_except_contains_interleave="except" in "data" contains "interleave"
data_except_contains_list="except" in "data" contains "list"
data_except_contains_one_or_more="except" in "data" contains "oneOrMore"
data_except_contains_text="except" in "data" contains "text"
datatype_requires_parameter=datatype cannot be used without parameters
datatype_requires_parameter_detail=datatype cannot be used without parameters: {0}
document_incomplete=document incompletely matched
duplicate_attribute=duplicate attribute
duplicate_attribute_detail=duplicate attribute {0}
duplicate_define=multiple definitions of "{0}" without "combine" attribute
duplicate_id=ID "{0}" has already been defined
duplicate_start=multiple definitions of start without "combine" attribute
expected_one_name_class=found "{0}" element but expected no further content
first_id=first occurrence of ID "{0}"
group_string=group of "string" or "data" element
id_attribute_name_class=an "attribute" pattern with a non-null ID-type must have a name class that is a single name
id_element_name_class=an "element" pattern containing an "attribute" pattern with a non-null ID-type must have a name class that contains only "choice" and "name" elements
id_multiple_tokens=value of attribute of type ID contained multiple tokens
id_no_tokens=value of attribute of type ID contained no tokens
id_parent=a "data" or "value" pattern with non-null ID-type must occur as the child of an "attribute" pattern
id_type_conflict=conflicting ID-types for attribute {1} of element {0}
idref_multiple_tokens=value of attribute of type IDREF contained multiple tokens
idref_no_tokens=value of attribute of type IDREF contained no tokens
idrefs_no_tokens=value of attribute of type IDREFS contained no tokens
illegal_href_attribute=illegal "href" attribute
impossible_attribute_ignored=attribute {0} not allowed at this point; ignored
interleave_element_overlap=overlapping element names in operands of "interleave"
interleave_string=interleave of "string" or "data" element
interleave_text_overlap=both operands of "interleave" contain "text"
invalid_param=invalid parameter
invalid_param_detail=invalid parameter: {0}
invalid_param_detail_display=invalid parameter: {0}: {1}
invalid_param_display=invalid parameter: {0}
invalid_params=invalid parameters
invalid_params_detail=invalid parameters: {0}
invalid_value="{0}" is not a valid value of the datatype
list_contains_attribute="list" contains "attribute"
list_contains_element="list" contains "element"
list_contains_interleave="list" contains "interleave"
list_contains_list="list" contains "list"
list_contains_text="list" contains "text"
missing_define_replacement=definition of "{0}" in "include" does not override anything
missing_id=IDREF "{0}" without matching ID
missing_start_element=missing "start" element
missing_start_replacement="start" in "include" does not override anything
name_with_namespace="{1}" from namespace "{0}"
ns_attribute_ignored="ns" attribute ignored
one_or_more_contains_group_contains_attribute="oneOrMore" contains "group" contains "attribute"
one_or_more_contains_interleave_contains_attribute="oneOrMore" contains "interleave" contains "attribute"
one_or_more_string=repeat of "string" or "data" element
only_text_not_allowed=element cannot have content that consists only of text
open_name_class_not_repeated=attribute using "nsName" or "anyName" must be in "oneOrMore"
out_of_context_element=element {0} not allowed in this context
parent_ref_outside_grammar=reference to non-existent parent grammar
recursive_include=recursive inclusion of URL "{0}"
recursive_reference=bad recursive reference to pattern "{0}"
ref_outside_grammar=reference to non-existent grammar
reference_to_undefined=reference to undefined pattern "{0}"
required_attributes_missing=required attributes missing
required_elements_missing=required elements missing
schema_allows_nothing=schema does not allow anything: it is equivalent to <notAllowed/>
start_contains_attribute="start" contains "attribute"
start_contains_data="start" contains "data"
start_contains_empty="start" contains "empty"
start_contains_group="start" contains "group"
start_contains_interleave="start" contains "interleave"
start_contains_list="start" contains "list"
start_contains_one_or_more="start" contains "oneOrMore"
start_contains_text="start" contains "text"
start_contains_value="start" contains "value"
string_not_allowed=bad character content for element
text_not_allowed=text not allowed here
unfinished_element=unfinished element
unknown_element=unknown element {0}
unrecognized_builtin_datatype=no such builtin datatype "{0}": must be "string" or "token"
unrecognized_datatype=datatype "{1}" from library "{0}" not recognized
unrecognized_datatype_library=datatype library "{0}" not recognized
unsupported_datatype_detail=datatype "{1}" from library "{0}" not supported: {2}
xmlns_attribute=attribute must not be named "xmlns"
xmlns_uri_attribute=attribute must not have namespace URI ""
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