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bad-specification=Unable to parse ''{0}'' into a list of validators.
bean-not-validator=Bean ''{0}'' does not implement the {1} interface.
error-initializing-validator=Error initializing validator ''{0}'' (class {1}): {2}
needs-configuration=Validator ''{0}'' must be configured in order to be used. The value is configured by changing ''{0}'' to ''{0}=value''.
no-value-or-message-for-bean=Validator ''{0}'' is a reference to a managed bean of the component, and may not have a value or a message override specified.
not-configurable=Validator ''{0}'' is not configurable, ''{0}={1}'' should be changed to just ''{0}''.
unknown-validator=No validator named ''{0}'' has been defined.
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