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bodyless-component=This component may not have a body.
component-property-source-description=<PropertySource for {0}>
dupe-component-id=Component {0} conflicts with a prior declaration in the specification (at {1}).
dupe-service=Engine service ''{0}'' has already been defined (at {1}); this contribution has been ignored.
dupe-template-binding=A binding for parameter ''{0}'' of component {1} in the template for {2} conflicts with an existing binding in the specification.
duplicate-infrastructure-contribution=Infrastructure contribution for property ''{0}'' (mode ''{1}'') conflicts with a prior contribution (at {2}) and has been ignored.
engine-class-not-found=Engine class ''{0}'' not found.
engine-service-inner-proxy-to-string=<InnerProxy for engine service ''{0}''>
engine-service-outer-proxy-to-string=<OuterProxy for engine service ''{0}''>
error-instantiating-engine=Unable to instantiate engine as instance of class {0}: {1}
error-resetting=Error resetting cached data at end of request: {0}
infrastructure-already-initialized=The Infrastructure service can not be initialized for mode ''{0}'', it has already been initialized for mode ''{1}''. The Infrastructure may only be initialized once.
infrastructure-not-initialized=The Infrastructure service has not yet been initialized.
initializer-contribution=application initializer
invalid-encoding=Unable to set request character encoding to ''{0}'': {1}
is-constant-expression-error=Error evaluating OGNL expression ''{0}'': {1}
missing-component-spec=Template for component {0} does not reference embedded {1,choice,1#component|1<components}: {2}.
missing-infrastructure-property=Infrastructure property ''{0}'' is not defined.
multiple-component-references=Template for component {0} contains multiple references to embedded component {1}.
namespace-property-source-description=<PropertySource for namespace {0}>
no-application-specification=Could not find an application specification for application servlet {0}.
no-such-service=No engine service named ''{0}'' is available.
no-template-for-component=Could not find template for component {0} in locale {1}.
no-template-for-page=Could not find template for page {0} in locale {1}.
parsed-expression=<parsed OGNL expression>
service-name-is-null=The service name is null. Engine services must implement method getServiceName() and return a non-null value.
service-name-mismatch=Engine service {0} is mapped to name ''{1}'' but indicates a name of ''{2}''.
template-binding-for-informal-parameter=The template for {0} contains a binding for parameter ''{1}'' of component {2}, which does not allow informal parameters.
template-binding-for-reserved-parameter=The template for {0} contains a binding for parameter ''{1}'' of component {2}, which is a reserved parameter name.
template-parameter-name=template parameter {0}
template-tag-parameter-name=implicit template tag parameter
unable-to-load-properties=Unable to load properties from {0}: {1}
unable-to-parse-expression=Unable to parse OGNL expression ''{0}'': {1}
unable-to-parse-specification=Could not parse specification {0}.
unable-to-parse-template=Could not parse template {0}.
unable-to-read-expression=Unable to read OGNL expression ''{0}'' of {1}: {2}
unable-to-read-infrastructure-property=Unable to read property ''{0}'' of {1}: {2}
unable-to-read-template=Could not read template {0}.
unable-to-write-expression=Unable to update OGNL expression ''{0}'' of {1} to {2}: {3}
unbalanced-close-tags=More closing tags the open tags in template.
unknown-request=Unable to find a suitable ResponseBuilder for the incoming request.
used-template-parameter-alias=Parameter {2} (for component {1}, at {0}) was bound; this parameter has been deprecated, bind parameter {3} instead.
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