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BindingNotFound=Binding {0} in {1}/{2} was not found
IgnoringPort=Port {0}/{1} in {2}/{3} is not supported and was ignored
InterfaceNotRemotable=Interface not remotable: {0}
InvalidPort=Port {0}/{1} in {2}/{3} is not supported
MissingInterfaceContract=No interface contract for {0}/{1}
NoValidPorts=No valid ports for service {0} in {1}/{2}
NoWsdlInterface=No WSDL interface definition for {0}/{1}
PortTypeNotFound=PortType {0} in {1}/{2} was not found
UnexpectedException=Exception thrown was: {0}
WsdlGenException=Exception while generating WSDL for {0}/{1}
WsdlGenException2=[JCA90040] Exception while generating WSDL for {0}/{1} exception was: {2}
WsdlGenProblem=Unable to generate WSDL for {0}/{1}
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