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ActivationSpecAndDestinationMismatch=Activation spec name {0} must match destination name {1}
ActivationSpecNameRequiredForCreateAlways=A JNDI name must be specified when an ActivationSpec has a create mode of "always"
BJM30029=the selectedOperation attribute MUST be unique across the containing binding.jms element
BindingNotFound={0} refers to a binding definition {1} which is not found
ConnectionFactoryActivationSpecContradiction=Connection factory "{0}" and activation specification "{0}" are mutually exclusive
ConnectionFactoryDestinationContradiction=When connection factory "{0}" element is present then a destination name must also be defined
DestinationQueueContradiction=Destination type queue contradicts connection factory name: {0}
DestinationTopicContradiction=Destination type topic contradicts connection factory name: {0}
DestinationURIContradiction=Destination {1} can not be specified when URI {0} is present
DoesntProcessActivationSpec=JMS Binding doesn't process activationSpec yet
DoesntProcessDestinationType=JMS Binding doesn't process destination type yet
DoesntProcessHeaders=JMS Binding doesn't process headers yet
DoesntProcessOperationProperties=JMS Binding doesn't process operationProperties yet
DoesntProcessResourceAdapter=JMS Binding doesn't process resourceAdapter yet
DoesntProcessResponseActivationSpec=JMS Binding doesn't process response activationSpec yet
DoesntProcessResponseConnectionFactory=JMS Binding doesn't process response connectionFactory yet
DoesntProcessResponseDestinationType=JMS Binding doesn't process response destination type yet
DuplicateOperationProperties=Must not use both operationProperties attribute and operationProperties element
InvalidCorrelationScheme=Invalid correlationScheme: {0}
InvalidCreate=Attribute create {0} invalid, must be 'always', 'never', or 'ifNotExist'
InvalidDestinationType=Invalid destination type: {0}
InvalidJMSDeliveryMode=Invalid JMSDeliveryMode: {0}
InvalidJMSPriority=Invalid JMSPriority: {0}
InvalidOPJMSDeliveryMode=Invalid OPJMSDeliveryMode: {0}
InvalidOPJMSPriority=Invalid OPJMSPriority: {0}
InvalidResponseDestinationType=Invalid response destination type: {0}
MissingActivationSpecName=Missing ActivationSpec Name
MissingConnectionFactoryName=Missing ConnectionFactory Name
MissingJMSOperationPropertyName=Missing JMSOperationProperty Name
MissingNameForCREATE_IF_NOT_EXIST=Must specify jndiName attribute when create mode is "ifNotExist"
MissingNameForCREATE_NEVER=Must specify jndiName attribute when create mode is "never"
MissingResponseActivationSpec=Missing response ActivationSpec name
MissingResponseConnectionFactory=Missing response connectionFactory name
MustStartWithSchema=URI must start with the scheme 'jms:jndi:' or 'jms:queue:' or 'jms:topic:' for uri: {0}
OpSelectorAlreadyDefined=More than one operation selector has been specified. Only one operation selector can be specified.
ResponseAttrElement=Response connection "{0}" and response element "{1}" are mutually exclusive
ResponseWireformatAlreadyDefined=The response wireformat has already been defined. Only one response wire format can be specified.
UnexpectedElement=Incomplete binding.jms definition found unexpected element: {0}
UnexpectedResponseElement=Incomplete binding.jms/response definition found unexpected element: {0}
UnknownTokenInURI=Unknown token {0} in uri: {1}
WireFormatAlreadyDefined=The request wireformat has already been defined. Only one request wire format can be specified.
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