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ContributionReadException=ContributionReadException occured due to : {0}
ContributionResolveException=ContributionResolveException occured due to : {0}
ContributionWriteException=ContributionWriteException occured due to : {0}
DuplicateCompositeName=[ASM_6001] More than one composite with the same name {0} found in contribution {1}
NoCompositeNamespace=No namespace found: Composite = {0}
PolicyImplValidationException=PolicyValidation exception when processing implementation of component {0} due to {1}.
PolicyServiceValidationException=PolicyValidation exceptions when processing service/reference {0} in {1}. Error is {2}
PropertyTypeNotFound=The type {0} specified on property {1} of {2} can't be found in any loaded contribution (makes sure the .xsd file is in a contribution, that the contribution is being loaded and that contribution imports and exports are correct)
UnexpectedBindingElement=Unexpected <binding> element found. It should appear inside a <service> or <reference> element.
UnexpectedImplementationElement=Unexpected <implementation> element found. It should appear inside a <component> element.
UnexpectedInterfaceElement=Unexpected <interface> element found. It should appear inside a <service> or <reference> element.
XMLStreamException=XMLStreamException occured due to : {0}
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