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BROKEN_CONTEXTPATH="{0}" doesn't contain ObjectFactory.class or jaxb.index
ERROR_LOADING_CLASS=error loading class "{0}" listed in {1}, make sure that entries are accessable on CLASSPATH and of the form "ClassName" or "OuterClass.InnerClass", not "ClassName.class" or "fully.qualified.ClassName"
ILLEGAL_ENTRY=illegal entry: "{0}", entries should be of the form "ClassName" or "OuterClass.InnerClass", not "ClassName.class" or "fully.qualified.ClassName"
INVALID_JAXP_IMPLEMENTATION=You are running with invalid JAXP api or implementation. JAXP api/implementation of version 1.3.1 (included in JDK6) or higher is required. In case you are using ant, make sure ant 1.7.0 or higher is used - older versions of ant contain JAXP api/impl version 1.2 (in xml-apis.jar). If you want to keep using older ant versions, you have to configure it to use higher the JAXP api/impl versions.
INVALID_PROPERTY_VALUE={1} is not a valid value for property "{0}"
INVALID_TYPE_IN_MAP=Map contains a wrong type
NO_DEFAULT_CONSTRUCTOR_IN_INNER_CLASS="{0}" is an inner class, and therefore it can never have a default no-argument constructor. Add 'static'.
UNSUPPORTED_PROPERTY=property "{0}" is not supported
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