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 package org.bouncycastle.asn1.x509;
 public interface X509ObjectIdentifiers
Subject RDN components: commonName =
     static final ASN1ObjectIdentifier    commonName              = new ASN1ObjectIdentifier("");
Subject RDN components: countryName =
    static final ASN1ObjectIdentifier    countryName             = new ASN1ObjectIdentifier("");
Subject RDN components: localityName =
    static final ASN1ObjectIdentifier    localityName            = new ASN1ObjectIdentifier("");
Subject RDN components: stateOrProvinceName =
    static final ASN1ObjectIdentifier    stateOrProvinceName     = new ASN1ObjectIdentifier("");
Subject RDN components: organization =
    static final ASN1ObjectIdentifier    organization            = new ASN1ObjectIdentifier("");
Subject RDN components: organizationalUnitName =
    static final ASN1ObjectIdentifier    organizationalUnitName  = new ASN1ObjectIdentifier("");

Subject RDN components: telephone_number =
    static final ASN1ObjectIdentifier    id_at_telephoneNumber   = new ASN1ObjectIdentifier("");
Subject RDN components: name =
    static final ASN1ObjectIdentifier    id_at_name              = new ASN1ObjectIdentifier("");

id-SHA1 OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= {iso(1) identified-organization(3) oiw(14) secsig(3) algorithms(2) 26 }


    static final ASN1ObjectIdentifier    id_SHA1                 = new ASN1ObjectIdentifier("");

ripemd160 OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= {iso(1) identified-organization(3) TeleTrust(36) algorithm(3) hashAlgorithm(2) RIPEMD-160(1)}


    static final ASN1ObjectIdentifier    ripemd160               = new ASN1ObjectIdentifier("");

ripemd160WithRSAEncryption OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= {iso(1) identified-organization(3) TeleTrust(36) algorithm(3) signatureAlgorithm(3) rsaSignature(1) rsaSignatureWithripemd160(2) }


    static final ASN1ObjectIdentifier    ripemd160WithRSAEncryption = new ASN1ObjectIdentifier("");

    static final ASN1ObjectIdentifier    id_ea_rsa = new ASN1ObjectIdentifier("");
id-pkix OID:
    static final ASN1ObjectIdentifier  id_pkix = new ASN1ObjectIdentifier("");

private internet extensions; OID =
    static final ASN1ObjectIdentifier  id_pe   = .branch("1");

ISO ARC for standard certificate and CRL extensions

OID: 2.5.29

    static final ASN1ObjectIdentifier id_ce = new ASN1ObjectIdentifier("2.5.29");

id-pkix OID:
    static final ASN1ObjectIdentifier  id_ad           = .branch("48");
id-ad-caIssuers OID:
    static final ASN1ObjectIdentifier  id_ad_caIssuers = .branch("2");
id-ad-ocsp OID:
    static final ASN1ObjectIdentifier  id_ad_ocsp      = .branch("1");

OID for ocsp uri in AuthorityInformationAccess extension
    static final ASN1ObjectIdentifier ocspAccessMethod = ;
OID for crl uri in AuthorityInformationAccess extension
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