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 package org.bouncycastle.crypto;
interface for classes implementing algorithms modeled similar to the Digital Signature Alorithm.
 public interface DSA
initialise the signer for signature generation or signature verification.

forSigning true if we are generating a signature, false otherwise.
param key parameters for signature generation.
    public void init(boolean forSigningCipherParameters param);

sign the passed in message (usually the output of a hash function).

message the message to be signed.
two big integers representing the r and s values respectively.
    public BigInteger[] generateSignature(byte[] message);

verify the message message against the signature values r and s.

message the message that was supposed to have been signed.
r the r signature value.
s the s signature value.
    public boolean verifySignature(byte[] messageBigInteger  rBigInteger s);
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