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 package org.bouncycastle.crypto.paddings;
Block cipher padders are expected to conform to this interface
public interface BlockCipherPadding
Initialise the padder.

random the source of randomness for the padding, if required.
    public void init(SecureRandom random)
        throws IllegalArgumentException;

Return the name of the algorithm the cipher implements.

the name of the algorithm the cipher implements.
    public String getPaddingName();

add the pad bytes to the passed in block, returning the number of bytes added.

Note: this assumes that the last block of plain text is always passed to it inside in. i.e. if inOff is zero, indicating the entire block is to be overwritten with padding the value of in should be the same as the last block of plain text. The reason for this is that some modes such as "trailing bit compliment" base the padding on the last byte of plain text.

    public int addPadding(byte[] inint inOff);

return the number of pad bytes present in the block.

org.bouncycastle.crypto.InvalidCipherTextException if the padding is badly formed or invalid.
    public int padCount(byte[] in)
        throws InvalidCipherTextException;
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