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 package org.bouncycastle.crypto.tls;
An implementation of TlsSRPIdentityManager that simulates the existence of "unknown" identities to obscure the fact that there is no verifier for them.
    implements TlsSRPIdentityManager
    private static final byte[] PREFIX_PASSWORD = Strings.toByteArray("password");
    private static final byte[] PREFIX_SALT = Strings.toByteArray("salt");

Create a SimulatedTlsSRPIdentityManager that implements the algorithm from RFC 5054

group the org.bouncycastle.crypto.params.SRP6GroupParameters defining the group that SRP is operating in
seedKey the secret "seed key" referred to in RFC 5054
an instance of SimulatedTlsSRPIdentityManager
    public static SimulatedTlsSRPIdentityManager getRFC5054Default(SRP6GroupParameters groupbyte[] seedKey)
        SRP6VerifierGenerator verifierGenerator = new SRP6VerifierGenerator();
        verifierGenerator.init(group, TlsUtils.createHash(.));
        HMac mac = new HMac(TlsUtils.createHash(.));
        mac.init(new KeyParameter(seedKey));
        return new SimulatedTlsSRPIdentityManager(groupverifierGeneratormac);
    protected SRP6GroupParameters group;
    protected Mac mac;
    public SimulatedTlsSRPIdentityManager(SRP6GroupParameters groupSRP6VerifierGenerator verifierGeneratorMac mac)
        this. = group;
        this. = verifierGenerator;
        this. = mac;
    public TlsSRPLoginParameters getLoginParameters(byte[] identity)
        .update(, 0, .);
        .update(identity, 0, identity.length);
        byte[] salt = new byte[.getMacSize()];
        .doFinal(salt, 0);
        .update(identity, 0, identity.length);
        byte[] password = new byte[.getMacSize()];
        .doFinal(password, 0);
        BigInteger verifier = .generateVerifier(saltidentitypassword);
        return new TlsSRPLoginParameters(verifiersalt);
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