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<p> This class defines a <code>hashCode()</code> method but inherits its
  <code>equals()</code> method from <code>java.lang.Object</code>
  (which defines equality by comparing object references).&nbsp; Although
  this will probably satisfy the contract that equal objects must have
  equal hashcodes, it is probably not what was intended by overriding
  the <code>hashCode()</code> method.&nbsp; (Overriding <code>hashCode()</code>
  implies that the object's identity is based on criteria more complicated
  than simple reference equality.)</p>
<p>If you don't think instances of this class will ever be inserted into a HashMap/HashTable,
the recommended <code>hashCode</code> implementation to use is:</p>
<p><pre>public int hashCode() {
  assert false : "hashCode not designed";
  return 42; // any arbitrary constant will do 
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