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<p> The fields of this class appear to be accessed inconsistently with respect
  to synchronization.&nbsp; This bug report indicates that the bug pattern detector
  judged that
  <li> The class contains a mix of locked and unlocked accesses,</li>
  <li> At least one locked access was performed by one of the class's own methods, and</li>
  <li> The number of unsynchronized field accesses (reads and writes) was no more than
       one third of all accesses, with writes being weighed twice as high as reads</li>

  <p> A typical bug matching this bug pattern is forgetting to synchronize
  one of the methods in a class that is intended to be thread-safe.</p>

  <p> You can select the nodes labeled "Unsynchronized access" to show the
  code locations where the detector believed that a field was accessed
  without synchronization.</p>

  <p> Note that there are various sources of inaccuracy in this detector;
  for example, the detector cannot statically detect all situations in which
  a lock is held.&nbsp; Also, even when the detector is accurate in
  distinguishing locked vs. unlocked accesses, the code in question may still
  be correct.</p>
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