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      OpenJDK introduces a potential incompatibility.
      In particular, the java.util.logging.Logger behavior has
      changed. Instead of using strong references, it now uses weak references
      internally. That's a reasonable change, but unfortunately some code relies on
      the old behavior - when changing logger configuration, it simply drops the
      logger reference. That means that the garbage collector is free to reclaim
      that memory, which means that the logger configuration is lost. For example,
      <p><pre>public static void initLogging() throws Exception {
      Logger logger = Logger.getLogger("edu.umd.cs");
      logger.addHandler(new FileHandler()); // call to change logger configuration
      logger.setUseParentHandlers(false); // another call to change logger configuration
      <p>The logger reference is lost at the end of the method (it doesn't
      escape the method), so if you have a garbage collection cycle just
      after the call to initLogging, the logger configuration is lost
      (because Logger only keeps weak references).</p>
      <p><pre>public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
      initLogging(); // adds a file handler to the logger
      System.gc(); // logger configuration lost
      Logger.getLogger("edu.umd.cs").info("Some message"); // this isn't logged to the file as expected
      <p><em>Ulf Ochsenfahrt and Eric Fellheimer</em>
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