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Stack Overflow Questions assertions should include a message spelling static suite tests should include an assert boolean assertion class without test cases (JUnit 3.x only) boolean assertion assertEquals instead of assertTrue assertNull instead of assertTrue assertSame instead of assertTrue Class Without Abstract Method class without any methods naming Class Generation Empty String Character With Char - Array is stored directly In Operand To Non Final Static Least One Constructor Accessibility Alteration Array Loops Assert As Identifier Calling Finalize Catching Generic Exception Catching NPE Catching Throwable Constants Interface Decimal Literals In Big Decimal Constructor Deeply Nested If Stmts
rule.pmd.AvoidDeeplyNestedIfStmts.param.problemDepth=The if statement depth reporting threshold. Default is 3. - Avoid dollar signs Duplicate Literals
rule.pmd.AvoidDuplicateLiterals.param.exceptionfile=File containing strings to skip (one string per line), only used if exceptionlist is not set.
rule.pmd.AvoidDuplicateLiterals.param.exceptionlist=Strings in that list are skipped.
rule.pmd.AvoidDuplicateLiterals.param.separator=Separator used in the exceptionlist. Default is ,
rule.pmd.AvoidDuplicateLiterals.param.skipAnnotations=Skip literals within Annotations. Default is false.
rule.pmd.AvoidDuplicateLiterals.param.threshold=The number of duplicate literals reporting threshold. Default is 4. Enum As Identifier - Avoid field name matching method name - Avoid field name matching type name Final Local Variable Instanceof Checks In Catch Clause instantiating objects in loops Literals In If Condition Losing Exception Information Multiple Unary Operators Print Stack Trace Protected Field In Final Class Reassigning Parameters Rethrowing Exception StringBuffer field Synchronized At Method Level Thread Group Exception - Avoid throwing new instance of same exception Throwing Null Pointer Exception Throwing Raw Exception Types Using Hard Coded IP
rule.pmd.AvoidUsingHardCodedIP.param.pattern=Regular Expression. Default is ^[0-9]{1,3}.[0-9]{1,3}.[0-9]{1,3}.[0-9]{1,3}$ Using Native Code Using Octal Values Using Short Type Using Volatile Comparison Members Should Serialize
rule.pmd.BeanMembersShouldSerialize.param.prefix=A variable prefix to skip, i.e., m_ Integer Instantiation Get Method Name
rule.pmd.BooleanGetMethodName.param.checkParameterizedMethods=Check parameterized methods. Default is false. Instantiation Inversion Null Check migration - Byte instantiation - call super first Super In Constructor - call super last ResultSet Cast Exception With To Array - Class naming conventions with only private constructors should be final method must implement Cloneable Throws Clone Not Supported Exception Resource
rule.pmd.CloseResource.param.closeTargets=Methods which may close this resource. Default is 'close'.
rule.pmd.CloseResource.param.types=Resources to check. Default value is 'Connection,Statement,ResultSet', If Statements Objects With Equals Ternary Literal Appends
rule.pmd.ConsecutiveLiteralAppends.param.threshold=The report threshold. Default is 1. Calls Overridable Method between objects
rule.pmd.CouplingBetweenObjects.param.threshold=The unique type reporting threshold. Default is 20. size - cyclomatic complexity
rule.pmd.CyclomaticComplexity.param.reportLevel=The Cyclomatic Complexity reporting threshold. Default is 10.
rule.pmd.CyclomaticComplexity.param.showClassesComplexity=Indicate if class average violation should be added to the report. Default is true.
rule.pmd.CyclomaticComplexity.param.showMethodsComplexity=Indicate if method average violation should be added to the report. Default is true. Anomaly Analysis
rule.pmd.DataflowAnomalyAnalysis.param.maxpaths=The maximum number of checked paths per method. A lower value will increase the performance of the rule but may decrease the number of found anomalies. Default is 1000.
rule.pmd.DataflowAnomalyAnalysis.param.maxviolations=The maximum number of violations per class. Default is 100. label not last in switch statement Package not call garbage collection explicitly Not Call System Exit Not Extend Java Lang Error - Do Not Hard Code SD Card Exception - Do not throw exception in finally Not Use Threads Call Thread Run Import Java Lang Import Sun Nest Jsf In Jstl Iteration checked locking Imports Catch Block
rule.pmd.EmptyCatchBlock.param.allowCommentedBlocks=Empty blocks containing comments will be skipped. Default is false. Finalizer Finally Block If Stmt - Empty Initializer Method In Abstract Class Should Be Abstract Statement Not In Loop Static Initializer Switch Statements Synchronized Block Try Block While Stmt Null As Flow Control Class Length
rule.pmd.ExcessiveClassLength.param.minimum=The class size reporting threshold. Default is 1000. - excessive imports
rule.pmd.ExcessiveImports.param.minimum=The import count reporting threshold. Default is 30. Method Length
rule.pmd.ExcessiveMethodLength.param.minimum=The method size reporting threshold. Default is 100. Parameter List
rule.pmd.ExcessiveParameterList.param.minimum=The parameter count reporting threshold. Default is 10. Public Count
rule.pmd.ExcessivePublicCount.param.minimum=The public item reporting threshold. Default is 45. Field Could Be Static Does Not Call Super Finalize Only Calls Super Finalize Overloaded Should Be Protected Loop Should Be While Loop Loops Must Use Braces Naming Debug Logging Operations Else Stmts Must Use Braces Stmts Must Use Braces Field From Same Package Empty String Check String Buffering To Get Class String Buffer Declaration Instantiation Incrementer Home Naming Convention Interface Session Naming Convention variable could be final Is Not Static Final migration - Long instantiation Variable
rule.pmd.LongVariable.param.minimum=The variable length reporting threshold. Default is 17. coupling Driven Bean And Session Bean Naming Convention Argument Could Be Final - Method naming conventions - Method returns internal array - Method with same name as enclosing class - Misleading variable name Null Check Break In Switch Serial Version UID Static Method In Non Instantiatable Class Than One Logger complexity
rule.pmd.NPathComplexity.param.minimum=The npath reporting threshold. Default is 200. Constructor Count
rule.pmd.NcssConstructorCount.param.minimum=The constructor NCSS count reporting threshold. Default is 100. Method Count
rule.pmd.NcssMethodCount.param.minimum=The method NCSS count reporting threshold. Default is 100. Type Count
rule.pmd.NcssTypeCount.param.minimum=The type NCSS count reporting threshold. Default is 1500. package Case Label In Switch Statement Static Initializer Thread Safe Singleton
rule.pmd.NonThreadSafeSingleton.param.checkNonStaticFields=Do not set this to true and checkNonStaticMethods to false. Default is false.
rule.pmd.NonThreadSafeSingleton.param.checkNonStaticMethods=Do not set this to false and checkNonStaticFields to true. Default is true. Assignment One Return To Array Call both equals and hashcode case Literals First In Comparisons Stack Trace clone implementation Logger
rule.pmd.ProperLogger.param.staticLoggerName=Default is LOG - Protect LOGD - Protect LOGV Interface Naming Convention Session Interface Naming Convention Enumeration With Iterator Hashtable With Map Vector With List empty array rather than null From Finally Block migration - Short instantiation - Short method name Variable Declare Throws Exception Date Format Needs Locale unnecessary comparisons in boolean expressions boolean returns Conditional Starts With Field EJB Field Should Be Final Buffer Instantiation With Char Instantiation To String - Suspicious constant field name - Suspicious equals method name - Suspicious Hashcode method name Octal Escape Density
rule.pmd.SwitchDensity.param.minimum=The switch statement ratio reporting threshold. Default is 10. statements should have default Println few branches for a switch statement
rule.pmd.TooFewBranchesForASwitchStatement.param.minimumNumberCaseForASwitch=Minimum number of branches for a switch. Default is 3. Many Fields
rule.pmd.TooManyFields.param.maxfields=The field count reporting threshold. Default is 15. many methods
rule.pmd.TooManyMethods.param.maxmethods=The method count reporting threshold. Default is 10. Many Static Imports
rule.pmd.TooManyStaticImports.param.maximumStaticImports=All static imports can be disallowed by setting this to 0. Default is 4. Empty Constructor
rule.pmd.UncommentedEmptyConstructor.param.ignoreExplicitConstructorInvocation=Ignore explicit constructor invocation when deciding whether constructor is empty or not. Default is false. Empty Method If Statement Case Change constructor Conversion Temporary Final Modifier Local Before Return parentheses Return Wrapper Object Creation Static Date Formatter formal parameter imports local variable Modifier Null Check In Equals Private Field private method Array List Instead Of Vector Arrays As List Collection Is Empty ConcurrentHashMap Correct Exception Logging Equals To Compare Strings Index Of Char Locale With Case Conversions Notify All Instead Of Notify Proper Class Loader Singleton String Buffer For String Appends String Buffer Length Operation On Immutable Overriding Method
rule.pmd.UselessOverridingMethod.param.ignoreAnnotations=Ignore annotations. Default is false. String Value Of - Variable naming conventions
rule.pmd.VariableNamingConventions.param.memberPrefix=A prefix for member variables
rule.pmd.VariableNamingConventions.param.memberSuffix=A suffix for member variables
rule.pmd.VariableNamingConventions.param.staticPrefix=A prefix for static variables
rule.pmd.VariableNamingConventions.param.staticSuffix=A suffix for static variables Loops Must Use Braces rule template
rule.pmd.XPathRule.param.message=Message to display when a violation occurs.
rule.pmd.XPathRule.param.xpath=XPath expressions.
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