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accountObjectClasses.display=Entry object classes object classes to assign to managed entries
accountObjectClasses.noBlankValues=The list of account object classes cannot contain blank values
accountObjectClasses.notEmpty=The list of account object classes cannot be empty
accountSearchFilter.display=Custom search filter search filter
accountUserNameAttributes.noBlankValues=The list of account user name attributes cannot contain blank values
accountUserNameAttributes.notEmpty=The list of account user name attributes cannot be empty
attributesToSynchronize.noBlankValues=The list of attributes to synchronize cannot contain blank values
authenticationFailed=Authentication failed for "{0}"
baseContexts.display=Base contexts for entry searches of context to be used as starting point for entry searches
baseContexts.noBlankValues=The list of base contexts cannot contain blank values
baseContexts.noInvalidLdapNames=The base context {0} cannot be parsed
baseContexts.notEmpty=The list of base contexts cannot be empty
baseContextsToSynchronize.display=Root suffixes root suffixes
baseContextsToSynchronize.noBlankValues=The list of base contexts to synchronize cannot contain blank values
baseContextsToSynchronize.noInvalidLdapNames=The base context to synchronize {0} cannot be parsed
blockSize.legalValue=The block size should be greather than 0
cannotAddToPosixGroup=Cannot add entry "{0}" to POSIX groups because it does not have a "{1}" attribute
cannotRemoveBecausePosixMember=Cannot remove the "{0}" attribute when the user is a member of POSIX groups
cannotResolveUsername=Cannot resolve "{0}" to an entry
changeLogBlockSize.legalValue=The synchronization block size should be greather than 0
changeNumberAttribute.notBlank=The change number attribute cannot be blank
credentials.display=Principal password password for administrator
decryptionInitializationVector.notBlank=The decryption initialization vector cannot be blank
decryptionKey.notBlank=The decryption key cannot be blank
defaultPeopleContainer.display=Default people container people container to be used in case of entry DN is not provided
entryNotFound=Entry "{0}" not found
failover.display=Failover host:port
groupMemberAttribute.notBlank=The group member attribute cannot be blank
host.display=Server hostname hostname
host.notBlank=The host cannot be blank
latestSyncToken.display=Latest sync token sync token
loading.display=Initial loading 'TRUE' to execute an initial loading
memberAlreadyInGroup=Member "{0}" already exists in group "{1}"
memberships.display=Memberships memberships
membershipsInOr.display=Verify memberships in 'OR' 'TRUE' if you want to verify memberships using 'OR' logical operator
modifiersNamesToFilterOut.noBlankValues=The list of modifiers'' names to filter out cannot contain blank values
modifiersNamesToFilterOut.noInvalidLdapNames=The modifier''s name to filter out {0} cannot be parsed
moreThanOneEntryMatched=More than one entry matched "{0}"
objectClassesToSynchronize.display=Object classes to synchronize object classes to identify entry to synchronize
objectClassesToSynchronize.noBlankValues=The list of object classes to synchronize cannot contain blank values
objectClassesToSynchronize.notEmpty=The list of object classes to synchronize cannot be empty
passwordAttribute.notBlank=The password attribute cannot be blank
passwordAttributeToSynchronize.notBlank=The password attribute to synchronize cannot be blank
port.display=Server port port
port.legalValue=The port number should be 0 through 65535
principal.display=Principal DN of a user with administration capabilities
readingPasswordsNotSupported=Returning passwords from a search operation is not supported
retrieveDeletedUser.display=Retrieve deleted users 'TRUE' to retrieve deleted users also
trustAllCerts.display=Trust all certs 'TRUE' to trust all certs
uidAttribute.notBlank=The attribute to map to Uid cannot be blank
vlvSortAttribute.notBlank=The VLV sort attribute cannot be blank
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