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  * This file is part of the DiffX library.
  * For licensing information please see the file license.txt included in the release.
  * A copy of this licence can also be found at
 package com.topologi.diffx.xml;

Exception thrown when an XML writer is closed but there is still and open element tag without it closing element.

This exception simply notifies that the XML will not be well-formed, if writer is closed before the remaining open elements are closed.

Christophe Lauret
14 May 2005
public final class UnclosedElementException extends IllegalStateException {

Version number for the serialised class.
  static final long serialVersionUID = -186657976801720211L;

Create a new unclosed element exception.

name The name of the unclosed element.
  public UnclosedElementException(String name) {
    super("Attempting to close the XML Writer while element "+name+" has not been closed.");
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