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Copyright (c) 2000, 2007 IBM Corporation and others. All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0 which accompanies this distribution, and is available at Contributors: IBM Corporation - initial API and implementation Matt McCutchen ( - Bug 35390 Three-way compare cannot select (mis-selects) )ancestor resource /
 public final class CompareMessages {
     private CompareMessages() {
         // Do not instantiate
     public static String CompareContainer_0;
     public static String CompareDialog_commit_button;
     public static String CompareDialog_error_message;
     public static String CompareDialog_error_title;
     public static String CompareEditor_0;
     public static String CompareEditor_1;
     public static String CompareEditor_10;
     public static String CompareEditor_11;
     public static String CompareEditor_2;
     public static String CompareEditor_3;
     public static String CompareEditor_4;
     public static String CompareEditor_5;
     public static String CompareEditor_6;
     public static String CompareEditor_7;
     public static String CompareEditor_8;
     public static String CompareEditor_9;
     public static String CompareEditorInput_0;
     public static String ComparePlugin_internal_error;
     public static String ComparePreferencePage_0;
     public static String ComparePreferencePage_1;
     public static String ComparePreferencePage_2;
     public static String ComparePreferencePage_3;
     public static String CompareUIPlugin_0;
     public static String CompareUIPlugin_1;
     public static String ExceptionDialog_seeErrorLogMessage;
     public static String NavigationEndDialog_0;
     public static String NavigationEndDialog_1;
     public static String RangeComparatorLCS_0;
     public static String ShowWhitespaceAction_0;
     public static String StructureDiffViewer_0;
     public static String StructureDiffViewer_1;
     public static String StructureDiffViewer_2;
     public static String StructureDiffViewer_3;
     public static String StructureDiffViewer_StructureError;
     public static String TextMergeViewer_0;
     public static String TextMergeViewer_1;
    public static String TextMergeViewer_10;
    public static String TextMergeViewer_11;
    public static String TextMergeViewer_12;
    public static String TextMergeViewer_13;
    public static String TextMergeViewer_14;
    public static String TextMergeViewer_15;
    public static String TextMergeViewer_16;
    public static String TextMergeViewer_2;
    public static String TextMergeViewer_3;
    public static String TextMergeViewer_4;
    public static String TextMergeViewer_5;
    public static String TextMergeViewer_6;
    public static String TextMergeViewer_7;
    public static String TextMergeViewer_8;
    public static String TextMergeViewer_9;
    public static String TextMergeViewer_accessible_left;
    public static String TextMergeViewer_range_format;
    public static String TextMergeViewer_diffType_format;
    public static String TextMergeViewer_atEnd_title;
    public static String TextMergeViewer_atEnd_message;
    public static String CompareNavigator_atEnd_title;
    public static String CompareNavigator_atEnd_message;
    public static String WorkerJob_0;
    public static String SelectAncestorDialog_title;
    public static String SelectAncestorDialog_message;
    public static String SelectAncestorDialog_option;
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