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  * This file is part of the DiffX library.
  * For licensing information please see the file license.txt included in the release.
  * A copy of this licence can also be found at
 package com.topologi.diffx.event;

The event corresponding to the endElement SAX event.

Christophe Lauret (Allette Systems)
3 April 2005
public interface CloseElementEvent extends DiffXEvent {

Returns the local name of the element.

The local name of the element.
  String getName();

Returns the namespace URI the element belongs to.

This method should return null if the implementation is not namespace aware.

The namespace URI the element belongs to.
  String getURI();

Returns the corresponding event element.

The corresponding event element.
Indicates whether the specified open element event matches this close element event.

This method first checks whether the open element event is the same as event returned by the getOpenElement() method, if not it simply compares the name of the element and the namespace URI it belongs to.

event The open element event to test.
true if there is a match; false otherwise.
  boolean match(OpenElementEvent event);
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