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  * This file is part of the DiffX library.
  * For licensing information please see the file license.txt included in the release.
  * A copy of this licence can also be found at
 package com.topologi.diffx.event.impl;
A base class for DiffX events.

This class is purely provided for convenience and consistency, it is best, althouhg not strictly required, that most DiffXEvent implementations extend this class.

Christophe Lauret
3 February 2005
abstract class DiffXEventBase implements DiffXEvent {

For use by the events to escape XML chars.
  static final XMLEscape ESC = .;

  int weight = 1;

  public abstract int hashCode();

  public abstract boolean equals(DiffXEvent e);

Invokes the com.topologi.diffx.event.DiffXEvent.equals(com.topologi.diffx.event.DiffXEvent) method if the specified object if not null and is an instance of com.topologi.diffx.event.DiffXEvent.

o The object to compare.
true if the specified object is equal; false otherwise.
  public final boolean equals(Object o) {
    if (o == null)
      return false;
    if (!(o instanceof DiffXEvent))
      return false;
    return equals((DiffXEvento);
  public String toXML() {
    return this.toXML(new StringBuffer()).toString();
  public int getWeight() {
    return this.;
  public void setWeight(int weight) {
    this. = weight;
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