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  * This file is part of the DiffX library.
  * For licensing information please see the file license.txt included in the release.
  * A copy of this licence can also be found at
 package com.topologi.diffx.xml.esc;

Factory for XML escape classes.

Christophe Lauret
7 March 2005
public final class XMLEscapeFactory {

Prevents creation of instances.
  private XMLEscapeFactory() {

Returns an instance of a XML Escape based on the given encoding.

This method returns null if the encoding is not supported.

encoding The encoding for which an escape implementation is requested.
A XMLEscape instance corresponding to the specified encoding or null.
  public static XMLEscape getInstance(String encoding) {
    if ("utf-8".equals(encoding)) return .;
    if ("UTF-8".equals(encoding)) return .;
    if ("ASCII".equals(encoding)) return .;
    else return null;
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