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 package org.docx4j.sharedtypes;

Java class for ST_YAlign.

The following schema fragment specifies the expected content contained within this class.

 <simpleType name="ST_YAlign">
   <restriction base="{}string">
     <enumeration value="inline"/>
     <enumeration value="top"/>
     <enumeration value="center"/>
     <enumeration value="bottom"/>
     <enumeration value="inside"/>
     <enumeration value="outside"/>
@XmlType(name = "ST_YAlign", namespace = "")
public enum STYAlign {

In line With Text


Centered Vertically


Inside Anchor Extents

Outside Anchor Extents
    private final String value;
    STYAlign(String v) {
         = v;
    public String value() {
        return ;
    public static STYAlign fromValue(String v) {
        for (STYAlign c: STYAlign.values()) {
            if (c.value.equals(v)) {
                return c;
        throw new IllegalArgumentException(v);
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